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Would an empty Arrowhead Stadium effect Kansas City’s ability to win close games?

Since Sep. 29, 2014, Arrowhead stadium has become one of, if not the most, difficult and loudest places to play a football game in the NFL.

Arrowhead stadium is the loudest place to play a football game. They hold a world record for loudest outdoor stadium roar when the Chiefs’ Kingdom hit 142.2 decibels, beating out the Seattle Seahawks for the loudest stadium.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to all sports and could potentially affect the NFL season. As a result, there could be a chance that the Chiefs play in an empty Arrowhead Stadium.

We have seen in the past how the Arrowhead crowd can be a factor in games. This is especially true in big games. So, no crowd at Arrowhead could have an impact on the Chiefs.

If the the NFL bans fans from attending games, I think it could have a slight effect on the Chiefs. Although, not to the extent that it would prevent them from winning football games. I think losing the fans could make it more difficult for the Chiefs if they were in a tightly contested game.

Having the fans at Arrowhead gives the Chiefs an advantage any day of the week they play. Take that away and we could potentially see them struggle. Chiefs fans have the ability to throw opposing teams off and increase their potential for miscues. This has benefited them numerous times in the past, so I could see the Chiefs struggle slightly. Yet, they possess so much talent and so many weapons, they could compensate for a silent stadium.

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