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Who did it better? Mahomes’ 2018 MVP season or Jackson’s 2019 MVP season?

Since coming into the league both young stud QBs Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have taken the NFL by storm, but the debate remains who had the better MVP season?

In his first three seasons in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform, young gunslinger Patrick Mahomes has made a huge impact and become a house hold name and done things we have not seen a QB ever do before.

In Mahomes’ 2018 campaign, which happened to also be his first time as the head man for the Chiefs, he threw 50 touchdowns, threw for 5,097 yards, and averaged 320 yards a game. Mahomes also completed 66% of his passes and had a QB rating of 113.8, led the Chiefs to home field advantage through the playoffs, and an AFC championship game.

Despite the loss in the playoffs, Mahomes made a case with his play on the field. Mahomes was the best athlete to take the field in 2018 and that earned him the MVP. He should have also won the 2019 MVP.

Unfortunately the 2019 MVP went to a player who likes to choke in the playoffs, is a RB at the QB position, and not to mention 0-2 to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Yes I am talking about Lamar Jackson. Jackson’s 2019 season stats that won him the MVP consisted of 36 touchdowns, 3,127 passing yards, and an average of 210 yards per game. Jackson also had a completion rate of 66.1% and a QB rating of 113.3.

Although those stats are good, they are very mediocre compared to Patrick Mahomes who missed 2 games due to a knee injury.

Even while Mahomes was out with his injury there were reports that he wanted to come back and play and was doing everything he could to see the field. Lamar Jackson missed a game due to illness that he could have played through.

Take a look into Mahomes’ stats from the 2019 season. He had 26 touchdowns, 4,031 yards, and an average of 288 passing yards per game. He had a completion percent of 65.9 and a QB rating of 105.3 while missing 2 games! Oh and he took the Chiefs back to the playoffs, led them in comebacks in all 3 playoff games, and he won the Super Bowl. Not to mention he was the Super Bowl MVP.

So with all that the 2019 MVP really should have gone to Patrick Mahomes.

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