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Which starting NFL quarterbacks will get benched this season?

After a ton of quarterback shakeup this off-season, which starting quarterbacks will get benched before or during next season?

Quarterbacks are looked upon as the most prominent position someone could play in the NFL. They lead their offenses down the field to score, they hype their teammates to give them the extra motivation they need to secure the win, and -most importantly- they lead their team to victory. If the quarterback can’t throw if their life depended on it, they would lose a vast majority of the games they played even if they had a top tier receiving core and/or a top-3 defense. This also goes for being a leader as even though any player can become a “team leader”, the quarterback is mainly seen as the #1 choice; moreover, if they can’t lead a team to victory, then the team would scramble to find a replacement as soon as possible. With that said, the quarterback would probably be benched if they do either or of the following above. Now, let’s look at my top three quarterbacks that I predict that will be benched this season.

1. Mitchell Trubisky

Ah yes, the legendary quarterback that was drafted before Mahomes that has become one of the biggest memes/jokes in sports history. After only one “decent” season and two disappointing ones, this season is Trubisky’s last shot to keep his starting job. This is mainly due to the surprising trade that sent Jaguars quarterback and former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles to the Bears. The Bears organization wanted another quarterback to choose from to start in the upcoming season and now Foles and Trubisky must duel it out for the starting job. If Trubisky keeps on overthrowing receivers by five or more yards in training camp or if Trubisky starts the season with a few horrendous weeks, then he can kiss his job goodbye.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick

One of the biggest quarterback starting jobs that have been up for grabs for quite some time now is the Dolphins job. Last season, it bounced from Fitzpatrick to Rosen and now it’s between the journeyman Fitzpatrick and recently drafted Tua Tagovailoa. Here is my prediction is on how it’s going to go down: Fitzpatrick will start this season, have two or three monstrous games, be dubbed ‘Fitzmagic’ again, have a stretch of horrible games, and finally will be benched for Tua. Many Dolphins fans clamored for #tankfortua and this season, we will probably see if the tank was truly worth it. I mean, it couldn’t get that much worse… right? Hunter may regret saying that later.

3. Tyrod Taylor

For a team that has barely any semblance in the NFL, the Chargers have a choice to make this season: to start veteran Tyrod Taylor or rookie Justin Herbert. Taylor has had an okay career in the NFL, but the few Chargers already know that he won’t make the team better as he is a complete downgrade from Rivers. While Taylor may start for them in the beginning, it’ll only take one or two bad games until people call for Herbert’s name to take center stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor gets benched and Herbert comes in to save a few games for the Chargers.

Honorable Mention: Sam Darnold

Darnold better not start seeing ghosts this season as he will be benched in a heartbeat if he does. While his situation is a lot different than the other quarterbacks mentioned as the Jets are just a hot mess, this doesn’t excuse him from the fact that he has a chance to be replaced. They have a semi-competent/former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco as their back-up and he can step up when it matters the most. Darnold has had a stretch of disappointing seasons and no one would be shocked if he is benched for poor play.

In closing, here is my list of quarterbacks that I believe will be benched in the upcoming season. I hope none of the players mentioned lose their starting job, but there is a great enough chance for them to lose it. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!

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