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What’s next for former Chiefs GM John Dorsey?

Former Kansas City Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey mutually agreed to part ways with the Cleveland Browns back on December 31st. After only two years as the Browns GM, his quick exit has many wondering what is next for Dorsey?

With his resume, Dorsey has many options for what he is qualified to do. The first thing many are asking is will he get a third chance at being a GM? Both of his previous jobs ended with him “mutually” parting ways with the team. While I do believe it was a mutual decision in Cleveland, in Kansas City he was fired.

I don’t know if being a GM is in the future for Dorsey. While his talent evaluation is undeniable, there is a lot more to being a GM than just talent evaluation. Dorsey’s biggest issue is that he wants to have all the power to build the team he wants. An easy comparison to what he wants was here in KC for over a decade, Carl Peterson. Even with a great head coach like Marty Schottenheimer, everyone knew the buck stopped at Carl’s desk.

In KC, Dorsey had to work with head coach Andy Reid and team owner Clark Hunt. He didn’t like Andy being able to go around him to Clark and he didn’t like Clark butting in. Clark signing Eric Berry when Dorsey refused was the straw that broke the camels back there.

In Cleveland, Dorsey got the power he wanted, but he didn’t trust it and so he hired a coach he knew he could dominate in Freddie Kitchens. Kitchens was so bad that it cost Dorsey the trust of ownership leading the Browns to want to strip away some of his power. Dorsey wasn’t willing to give up that power so his time with the Browns came to an end.

How many teams in the NFL would be willing to give Dorsey the power he needs to be a GM? And even if a team would do that, do you trust him to hire the right coach after he failed so miserably with Freddie Kitchens? I think a team could fall in love with his talent evaluation and give him one more chance, but the Browns mess is too fresh for teams this year. So if he wants to be a GM, he will likely have to wait a year or two for that next opportunity, if it ever comes.

It’s no secret that Dorsey’s favorite part of working in football is finding talent. He was the Director of Scouting for 14 seasons and I think that should be the job he has again if he wants to stay in the league.

I’ve met Dorsey a couple times and if it’s one thing you can tell from just five minutes with the man is how much he loves watching football players. His mind never turns off football and he has the magic eye when it comes to watching a player and being able to see their future. No, he doesn’t hit 100% with his picks or signings, but he hits at a Hall of Fame level for sure.

Obviously, a return to the Chiefs or Browns in any capacity isn’t going to happen, but any other franchise should be blowing his phone up to see if he is interested. I think a team that seems to always miss on players like the Miami Dolphins or Detroit Lions should be first in line. I don’t know if Dorsey will be willing to go back to the scouting world after being at the top as GM, but it may be his only way to stay in the league.

A wild third idea that I personally would love to see, is him going to the NFL Network to replace Mike Mayock. Mayock was the NFL Network’s answer to Mel Kiper of ESPN as the station’s draft guru. He left last year to become the GM of the Oakland Raiders leaving NFL Network without a reliable voice on the draft. They tried to replace him with multiple people including Daniel Jeremiah, but it wasn’t the same.

I think Dorsey would be an amazing draft guru for NFL Network. He could have full control as the voice of the draft for the league’s flagship station. I can tell you from meeting him in person that his personality as a full-time TV personality would be amazing. He’s blunt, funny, and fans would be able to respect his honest, direct opinion. On TV he will be different from Kiper and Mayock. He won’t sugar coat things and ride the fence on a guy, he’ll give you his opinion take it or leave it.

Dorsey is 59 years old and has been in the NFL since he was drafted as a player in 1984. He has made millions of dollars and built a great reputation in the league so if he wanted to step away he could do that. I personally don’t believe he can, nor will he do that. I think he is addicted to the game and will be involved in it one way or another. Whether it’s on TV, on the scouting trail or in a front office, he will land on his feet.

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