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What to do with KC’s upcoming free agents

This offseason the Kansas City Chiefs will have quite a few free agents, 24 in total according to This is primarily because there were a number of one year, prove-it deals. With so many one year deals, the questions is, does Kansas City now pay market value to keep them, or let them walk and get compensatory picks.  

I’m breaking down who I think the Kansas City Chiefs should let walk, keep, or keep for a team-friendly deal.

Let Walk

  • LeSean McCoy, RB
  • Spencer Ware, RB
  • Chad Henne, QB
  • Matt Moore, QB
  • Deon Yelder, TE
  • David Wells, TE
  • Morris Claiborne, DB
  • Reggie Ragland, LB
  • Andrew Wylie, T
  • Demarcus Robinson, WR

I will admit that some of these players I wish we could keep. As we go through the emotions of the season we all get connected to certain players, however, it is healthy to keep growing and creating competition within the locker room.

Spencer Ware and LeSean McCoy are two players that I have always loved. As an avid fantasy football player, I have always loved McCoy. Having him as a Kansas City Chief was a dream. He must have either worked himself into the dog house with the fumbles or has lost more than we originally thought due to his limited playing time. It’s a shame that Spencer Ware got injured and will miss the rest of the season. He was a huge help with pass protection when he was playing. I do think we are in good hands with the Williams x 2 and Darwin Thompson, then draft another RB or pick up a discarded vet, say LeVeon Bell.

The Chiefs kept Kyle Shurmur on the practice squad and he had a promising preseason. If he has made enough progress this season I see the Chiefs moving on from both Chad Henne and Matt Moore. Hey, with Pat Shurmur being let go in New York, I would support him coming into Kansas City and being an assistant.

TE number two for Kansas City has been disappointing for quite a while. I give the ever so slight edge to Blake Bell but I wouldn’t be surprised if all three, Blake Bell, Deon Yelder, and David Wells, all see the door this offseason. Kansas City can find about the same talent in the draft or free agency.

Morris Claiborne has felt like a big bust to me. I know he had been injured and suspended so it can be hard to assess his success. However, you have to be present to be of value. I think he moves on and the Chiefs aren’t interested even for a team-friendly deal.

Of all the players I think the Chiefs will be moving on from, Reggie Ragland is the one I’m most emotionally invested in. I loved him coming out of college and when the Chiefs ended up getting him I was excited. The truth is he has struggled during his time here. He has started to show flashed of success this season, but I think the Chiefs will move on.

The Chiefs have been fairly successful with offensive linemen who are green, unknown or considered old and busted. I know we all would love to have a line full of Mitchell Schwartz, however that most likely won’t happen. I believe they will move on from Andrew Wylie and draft at least one offensive linemen this offseason.

Demarcus Robinson is another player I wish we didn’t need to let go. The thing is he will be able to get an Albert Wilson/Chris Conley type deal which is more than Kansas City should pay him. The Chiefs are flushed with WR talent and depth. I see Byron Pringle stepping up and the Chiefs picking up some more WR depth.

Keep with Team Friendly Deal

  • Darron Lee, LB
  • Marcus Kemp, WR
  • Mike Pennel, DE
  • Xavier Williams, DT
  • Terrell Suggs, OLB

The Chiefs defense is completely different than last year. Unpredictable and full of swagger. Most of the players I want to keep on a team-friendly deal are from the defense. We all know we will be paying Mahomes this offseason, but I really want the Chiefs to pay Chris Jones too, that being said, there won’t be as much money to go around and I hope we can keep some key pieces on team-friendly deals.

Darron Lee has shown flashes of success and some not so good days too. As the season has progressed I have seen him get better. Having a good coverage LB on the team is really important. Do I think we can find a better one? Possibly, but if he was the backup the depth at this position would be amazing.

Dave Toub has always had a pretty strong voice in who to keep for his special team unit. Marcus Kemp has been a very strong asset to the special teams unit and I would love to keep him if we get him for maybe a short two-year deal.

The defensive’s success has come largely because of the swagger that the Tyrann Mathieu, Honey Badger, brings. Another piece is how many defensive linemen are able to rotate in and stay fresh. Last year it felt like our line was always tired and struggling to not get tired. If the Chiefs are able to keep Suggs, Williams, and Pennel for team-friendly deals, I would be very excited.


  • Bashaud Breeland, DB
  • Keith Reaser, DB
  • Kendall Fuller, DB
  • Anthony Sherman, FB
  • Stefen Wisniewski, C
  • Blake Bell, TE
  • Emmanual Ogbah, DE
  • Oh yeah… Chris Jones, DE

Maybe I have PTSD from last year and want to keep all the good DBs. Maybe I don’t want to get a bunch of one-year prove-it deal players again. Either way, I think Bashaud Breeland, Keith Reaser, and Kendall Fuller all deserve another shot and a longer deal. I think Breeland might have played himself out of a contract with the Chiefs, but I can still hope.

I know most of the league doesn’t have a FB, but you can’t deny Anthony Sherman’s value on this team. He is a leader, contributor in both the offense and special teams. I want him to be a life long Chief.

Since Stefen Wisniewski has started playing, I feel like the offensive line has been more reliable and stable. This could also be because Mahomes has looked more comfortable now that his ankle and knee injuries have gotten better. Either way, I think we could keep Stefen on a decent deal.

Like I mentioned earlier, having fresh and competent defensive linemen is a staple to a Spangola defense. So obviously we need to keep Emmanual Ogbah. He has been great at holding the edge and slowing down the team’s running game. If we hadn’t gotten Suggs, I think we would be feeling the absence of Ogbah a lot more.

I think that is it right? No one else?

Oh yeah! CHRIS JONES! Here’s the thing, no one can dispute that he is one of the top defensive linemen in the entire league. He deserves to be paid. On Spotrac they say a fair deal would be $18 million a year. I think he will be looking for more of a $20 million a year type deal. If we end up paying Jones this much, we will need a lot more players to take team-friendly deals. We will also have to cut some players, like Sammy Watkins. We would save even more if we could trade Watkins. But this is a topic for another article.

I predict the Chiefs will franchise tag Jones this year. With the hope that they win a Superbowl this year and next year. Then they can let him walk, and get a 3rd round pick for him. This feels dirty, but it is how the league is currently run.

Who do you want the Chiefs to keep? Who do you think they should let walk? Tell me in the comments below.

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1 Comment

  1. John harlow

    January 5, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    Keep Moore and Robinson but what free agents are we going to look at
    On our

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