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Trade package for Pro-Bowl safety Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams has listed Kansas City as a preferred destination, per Adam Schefter.

What would it take to get Jamal Adams to KC? Not too much, honestly.

The Chiefs would likely part ways with Juan Thornhill

Now, I’m not completly counting out the scenario where the Chiefs keep Thornhill, Mathieu, and Adams. Moving Tyrann to corner, nickel, hell, wherever you wanted. He’s as flexible as players come. But, that’s not likely. A package of Thornhill, a 2021 3rd round pick, and a 2022 3rd round pick is more likely, and more than fair. I think both sides could agree to that, and I imagine both sides would be happy. Jets get a young talent, some picks, and a Jamal gets a fresh start on a contending team. The Chiefs get another top 5 safety.

But what about money? Don’t we have to pay Chris Jones?

It’s being reported that Adams wouldn’t immediately ask for an extension. This part is huge, it makes KC a realistic choice. KC is in a cap crunch with a little over 6 million, and rookies to be signed, so how would this work? Simple, sign, or trade Chris Jones. If you sign Jones, it would likely give the Chiefs more space for the 2020 season, as Brett Veach would likely dump money to the back half of his deal. Jones’s current cap hit, could drop millions by signing. If the Chiefs traded Jones, they would have all of that 16 million cap, available.

Maybe offer Chris Jones?

While I’m sure the Jets would listen, this seems like a messy, and unlikely trade package. I can’t imagine either taking a straight-up deal, and I can’t see either side budging to add picks. Also, hard to imagine KC or NY throwing in any additional players.

Verdict: Not likely

While this would be Madden fun, I’d guess the Jets deal him to Dallas. Dallas is his long time favorite, as he’s made very clear over the past years. Also, KC has a lot going on right now, between the Chris Jones deal and the Mahomes deal, adding more money to the books might not be the first move on Veach’s mind before training camp.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ray A Shank

    June 19, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    Bite your tongue! Thornhill is the next Adams & hopefully we sign Jones long term to calm my anxiety! Maybe we can trade 2-3 guys that have starting experience where we have depth behind them?

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