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Top Ten Plays of the Andy Reid Era: #8 Air Kelce

Note to the reader: This is part three in a ten-part series that will dive into the top ten plays of the Andy Reid Era here in Kansas City. In his time in Kansas City, we have been privileged to the best football in franchise history. This series will take an in-depth look at the best plays during his time here. The selection was based on plays importance, impact on the game, trick plays, or if the play was so outstanding it deserved to be highlighted. There is a mix of offensive, defensive, and special teams play from the last seven years of Chiefs football.

Andy Reid has a beautiful mind. He doesn’t think the way people like you and I do, and even among his peers and colleagues, he is considered exceptional. Already considered an offensive innovator when he arrived to Kansas City to become the Head Coach of the Chiefs we have seen the Chiefs offense flourish with schemes and play designs that we have not seen in the NFL. One of these plays was his shovel read play that we have since seen run out of a number of different offensive formations and blocking schemes. The first time this play was unleashed on the NFL world was Week Two of 2017 vs the Philadelphia Eagles. The play came late in the fourth quarter with the score tied at 13.

The play design is some of the most creative uses of motion with old concepts and new concepts in football. This play incorporates the motion by Hill which as can be seen in the wide view causes mass confusion right before the snap, and on the snap motion, it holds the defense in place for a moment.

We then get into the zone-read portion where Alex Smith shows placation to DeAnthony Thomas which causes the outside backer to flow outside to look to stop the handoff. The DE is playing Smith but now a tremendous amount of space has opened up in the middle of the field.

This brings us to where incorporating old school football principles and new school philosophy combine to create something special. Up front Laurant Duvernay Tardiff is pulling off of a play side double team and he is looking for the first defender to show. Kelce is looking for the shovel pass from Smith. As Kelce catches the shovel, the defender that went wide to stop DAT is now in the perfect position for LDT to cover up. Kelce has a ton of space and shows off his unmatched athleticism, avoiding defenders with his speed and at the last second, he powers his way into the endzone with a Jordan Esque type leap.

The play call is impressive but Kelce starts his jump just past the 5-yard line and flies into the endzone. When great coaching meets supreme athleticism this is often times the result, as we have seen over Any Reid’s tenure in Kansas City. He puts his players in a position to win like no other and often times it has created the spectacular.

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