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Top Ten Plays of the Andy Reid Era: #6 Hill Mary

2017 was the season that Tyreek Hill solidified himself as not only the NFL’s greatest weapon but also as a true #1 wide receiver. After a scorching 2016 rookie campaign with big play after big play, it would be more of the same in 2017. For a few weeks leading up to their matchup with the Dallas Cowboys, the Chiefs had struggled to find points. They were down 14-3 with two seconds left they needed something to get them into halftime. With Alex Smith at QB, the likelihood of deep shot being accurate enough for the Chiefs to have a chance for a touchdown was low. So instead of a Hail Mary they went with the Hill Mary.

The play is set up almost like a deep screen pass. The Chiefs put Travis Kelce and Demetrius Harris out in front of Hill and let them do the initial lead blocking. From the wide view, Demarcus Robinson allows Hill to beat one man before setting up the block that would create a crease for Hill.

Being one of the best playmakers in the NFL, all Hill needs is a little bit of space. He gets just that. His field vision is incredible and he makes it look effortless as he cuts through the defense to find the end zone. This is the kind of player that makes everyone else look slow because he is so fast. Every aspect of Hill’s game was on full display with yet another creative play drawn up by Andy Reid.

Since this play, Hill has been in the top tier of wide receivers in the NFL. He has evolved his game to being an every down WR and not just a deep threat. That being said, every team in the NFL knows how dangerous he can be when he gets the ball in his hands and a little bit of space. The Hill Mary was a perfect example.

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