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Top ten plays of the Andy Reid Era: #1 Pat’s Prayer

Many across the Chiefs Kingdom would consider this play a complete prayer. In many ways this play was a prayer, given the down and distance, as well as the outcome of the play. To the long suffering fans of the Kansas City Chiefs this play was a prayer answered, but given the ability of the players involved it is easy to believe anything is possible.

Late in the game, trailing 24-17 at home to the Baltimore Ravens lightning would strike. Fourth down and nine with only a minute and twenty-nine seconds on the clock the Chiefs needed a big play. Baltimore walked up six defenders to the line of scrimmage but would only end up rushing four. They dropped back into a deep-cover two with the backers and corners playing their zones. Initially, it appears that Demarcus Robinson was open on a flag route but as can be seen in the endzone view below Mahomes was flushed to the right without getting much of a chance to look Robinson’s way.

The Ravens run end and tackle twist to put pressure on Mahomes, as Matt Judon beats Eric Fisher to get the edge. Mahomes has to roll out right away from where a lot of his targets were going to be. It’s scramble drill time. Tyreek Hill had a deep dig route but was covered well. As Hill starts to head back he just gets in front of where the zone defense is and has a lot of space around him. This is just enough space to make Mahomes want to take a shot throwing the ball down the field.

A throw that not many other players in the history of football can make Mahomes delivers a strike. A cross-body throw on the money to Hill, who catches it and turns it into a massive gain to put the Chiefs in position to tie the game. Hill had been banged up earlier in the game but showed tremendous grit to continue. The Chiefs would eventually tie the game and win in overtime but none of that would have been possible without this play.

This play was the number one play on the top ten countdown for a few reasons. It was the play that let the rest of the NFL know that Mahomes was for real and he was going to be a mainstay in the NFL for years to come. He won the 2018 MVP with that throw. Second, it was a testament to the toughness that Andy Reid has instilled in his team. Tyreek Hill was noticeably hobbled but still was able to catch a pass on a very long play and then turn it up for a huge gain down the field. The last reason it was the number one selection was because it allowed Chiefs fans everywhere to believe in what they were seeing not he field. It wasn’t just a flash in the pan. It was all substance. This is the day many knew for sure what they were seeing was truly reality. Andy Reid had faith in his team, Patrick Mahomes had faith in his wide receiver, and Tyreek Hill had faith in his QB.

Bonus Play

Enjoy another miraculous play from the same game!

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