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Top 10 Plays of the Andy Reid Era: #9 “Bloated Tebow Pass”

Note to the reader: This is part two in a ten-part series that will dive into the top ten plays of the Andy Reid Era here in Kansas City. In his time in Kansas City, we have been privileged to the best football in franchise history. This series will take an in-depth look at the best plays during his time here. The selection was based on the play’s importance, impact on the game, trick plays, or if the play was so outstanding it deserved to be highlighted. There is a mix of offensive, defensive, and special teams play from the last seven years of Chiefs football.

During his time in Kansas City Dontari Poe blessed us with many jaw-dropping plays. An absolute mountain of a man, Poe made two Pro Bowls during his five years in Kansas City and became one of the best 3-4 nose tackles, and on Christmas day 2016 he became the heaviest player to ever throw a touchdown in NFL history. We had seen the big man run, we had seen the big man catch, but now it was time to see the big man throw. As someone who was personally in attendance at the game, it was electric.

The line is on full protect all the way across even turning a more obvious receiving threat Kelce into a blocker. Sherman is also in as a blocker. The whole idea of the play is to sell Poe running and get the entire defense to commit to stopping him and then get Harris free in the endzone. It worked to perfection.

When the middle defenders see the formation they vacate as Denver brings all-out pressure. The man to the outside of Harris likely had outside containment and Harris heads his way as if he were going to block him. He sees his opening and bursts through on an angle route. Poe actually does a great job to act like he’s going to run it and at that last second before he runs into the wall he goes airborne. The rest is history.

Andy Reid loves to reward his players and he always makes sure to take care of his big boys. I was fortunate enough to be able to see this magnificent play in person and the crowd was going crazy. At this point in time, the Chiefs were very much still unproven as far as a team goes but Reid was ready to let the rest of the division know who big brother was about to be for the next several years. A fat guy, trick-play, touchdown on Christmas. Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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