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Three trade targets for the Chiefs

With limited cap space and a low draft slot Brett Veach, must explore all options to improve the roster.

“Buy low and sell high.” Words to live by, both on Wall Street and in the NFL. When it comes to giving up resources for a player (both cap space and draft picks) you’re either so confident in the player that you’re willing to pay a steep price or hoping to get lucky.

For the Chiefs, giving up lots of picks for a top-shelf player doesn’t factor in well to their long-term plans. Kansas City needs to accumulate draft capital to bring in as many cheap and controllable players for the long-term health of the roster.

If the Chiefs make a trade this off-season they will have to focus on getting players that factor into their long-term plans. While also, not jeopardizing their draft. This off-season is critical for Brett Veach who was handed an elite roster and now has immediate needs at several positions.

One of the benefits of trading for a player is that you know (for the most part) what you are getting. This is like buying stock in Apple or Wal-Mart. It’s safe, predictable, and not going to crash your portfolio. While these types of trades are nice they are similar to the Frank Clark trade, a move to put a team over the top or to bring in a known commodity.

Then, there are moves that are less predictable but cost less, we can relate this to owning $53 worth of dogecoin. It might mean nothing in six months or it could be a total game-changer. This off-season will require Brett Veach to open up the day trader apps and go to work if he wants to bring in a player via trade


  1. Chiefs acquire Odell Beckham Jr. for a 2021 2nd round pick and 2022 6th

Pros: OBJ is 29 years old and the best quarterback he’s ever had is Baker Mayfield and his best head coach was a few games of Keven Stefanski. Yet, for some reason there is this narrative that Baker is better without Beckham. OBJ is still an elite play maker who has averaged 14 yards per catch in his career despite the adversity he has faced.

He will only count $15.75 million against the cap which is roughly the amount Mahomes can convert his cap hit into bonus. Bringing on OBJ would either be a 1 year rental deal or they could extend him as well. Odell would be by far the best second wide receiver the Chiefs offense has had in a long time. He can stretch the field vertically and be an asset over the middle too.

Cons: OBJ hasn’t played in 16 games since 2016. He is getting close to the wrong side of 30 and will be seeking a new contract as well. With him comes all the drama as well. It seems that no matter what he does or where he goes drama seems to follow. He’s also a big enough name that the Chiefs will have to pay a little extra to acquire him as well. Likewise, wide receivers tend to take awhile to really excel in the Andy Reid offense.

OBJ would make this offense incredible and it would also continue to fan the flame between this organization and Mahomes. OBJ is better than anything the Chiefs could hope to get in the draft for a second round wide receiver.

2. Chiefs acquire Zach Ertz for a 2022 4th round pick

Pros: Ertz is just two seasons removed from setting the single-season reception record for tight ends. He’s 30, and would be coming to KC for a one-yr/$15 million dollar deal. Like Beckham, Veach could look to extend him long-term or look at him as a rental for a year. Ertz would give Kansas City something it has never had in the Andy Reid era – a playmaking second tight end.

Considering the frequency at which Andy runs two tight end sets, this would a valuable asset. Taking Nick Keizer off the field and replacing him with a 3x pro-bowler and Super Bowl Champion tight end is an instant upgrade. It also provides some insurance if Kelce were to ever go down.

Cons: Ertz is just a year younger than Kelce so it’s not exactly helping the Chiefs get younger at the tight end position. Also, Ertz has had some injury concerns later in his career and hasn’t been as consistent of a weapon since 2017. Also, there’s a Twitter account run by a Philadelphia fan called “did Zach Ertz break a tackle?” He’s clearly not as dynamic after the catch as Kelce and was rated 62nd out of 71 qualifying tight ends according to PFF.

The Eagles roster is in flux and they will be looking to unload as much salary cap relief as possible. Ertz could be acquired for a relatively cheap prince especially because they have Dallas Godert on the roster as well. He would be a nice addition to the offense and is a low risk acquisition-all he has to do is better than Nick Kiezer or Deon Yelder.

3. Chiefs acquire Isaiah Wilson for a 2021 5th round pick

Pros: 1 year ago Wilson was thought of as a first round talent who was a part of a stacked tackle draft class. He played in a pro-style offense and drew comparisons to Orlando Brown. He is a big bodied physical tackle that solely played RT, a position of need for the Chiefs. He has played only 4 snaps in the NFL thus far making him raw but also flexible and moldable to a new scheme.

He has had a laundry list of issues all of which seem to revolve around him living in Tennessee where he grew up. The Titans who drafted him at 29 are actively looking to trade him, recouping any value that they can. Being a first-round pick would also give the team that acquires him a 5th-year option for his contract.

Cons: The most obvious is the off the field issues. Including a DUI, being placed on the COVID list twice in 2020 in part for not following protocols and being suspended for not following team rules. There’s real questions if Wilson even wants to play football at this point in his young career.

Wilson is a total unknown because he has only played four snaps, so the Chiefs would have two tackles from the 2020 class that has zero NFL experience. Wilson was thought highly of in the draft by some but others had him mocked in the 4th round due to his size and Georgia constantly protecting his side with an additional blocking tight end

There are few things Brett Veach loves than rehabbing a former first round picks: Reggie Ragland, Cam Irving, Darron Lee and DeAndre Baker to name a few. Veach loves buying low on players such as this to help them reach their potential in a better situation. While the previously named players haven’t exactly become all-pros they have all served a purpose and stayed on the roster.

Even if Wilson become Cam Irving- a swing tackle and guard back up, it’s a valuable asset that they could gain for cheap. It also brings more competition in for Niang to develop as well. When it comes to protecting Patrick Mahomes there is no such thing as too many investments.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jose

    March 4, 2021 at 3:13 pm

    Horrible article why would we do anything except option 3

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