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Three bold predictions for the Chiefs vs. the Buccaneers

Brady versus Mahomes; one of the most heavily anticipated matchups of the season with the quarterback G.O.A.T taking on a future GOAT taking his fame to new heights. The Chiefs are coming off the sweet taste of victory against the Raiders, 35-31, who thwarted them in their first matchup; on the other hand, the Buccaneers are coming off a tough loss to the Rams, 27-24. The Bucs need this win to try to contend for the NFC South and to obtain a higher seed in the playoffs, while the Chiefs need this win to prove doubters wrong and to still have a shot at the #1 seed.

Bizarre occurrences can always happen in games, especially ones that are foreseen as this one here. With that said, let’s look at three bold predictions that could happen on Sunday:

1. Mahomes will throw for 350+ yards and four touchdowns against the Bucs defense

This one is one of the least surprising ones on hear, largely after the Bucs’ last game. The Bucs defense allowed Jared Goff to launch the football around like it was child’s play as he threw for 376 yards, three touchdowns, and a 76% completion percentage. They also allowed two receivers in Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods to gain over 100 receiving yards, which is terrible once you think about how the secondary and poorly covered these guys were.

It only makes things worse when you see the streak Mahomes has had. He has easily thrown for 300+ yards in his past two weeks (372 versus the Panthers, and 348 against the Raiders); he has even thrown for six touchdowns in those two games combined, so when you see the Bucs secondary allowing Goff to throw for that much, how much do you think Mahomes will throw for?

Mahomes has thrown over for or over four touchdowns in three games this season, and he could easily add another here; moreover, he could throw for over 350 yards as he did once two weeks ago and only missed the mark by two yards the next.

2. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce will have over 125+ receiving yards

If Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods (Kupp:145, Woods: 130) can do this, then one of the fastest receivers in the league in Tyreek Hill, and the best tight end in the league along with being one of Mahomes’ favorite targets should be able to do just that. Kelce did it last week with eight catches for 127 yards, and a touchdown, and Hill was close to having the same result with 11 catches for 102 yards and a touchdown. With their skill sets, it should a piece of cake for them to do so; don’t be surprised if they wipe the floor with the Buccaneers secondary.

3. Brady throws for three picks, leading to their demise

I have a feeling that as I’m writing this, that exact opposite will happen, but guess what: you can blame yours truly if it does. Against teams that are competing for an actual playoff spot, Brady hasn’t been playing his absolute best.

Versus the Saints a couple of weeks ago, he threw for three interceptions and zero touchdowns; while he did throw for two touchdowns against the Rams, he had two costly interceptions, one that sealed the game, and the infamous “double pass.”

The Chiefs’ secondary and coverage was manhandled by Carr and company, but I’m sure they’ll pick things up and improve upon it on Sunday. Who do I think will have those interceptions? I say Ward has one (he’s played spectacularly last week), Mathieu has one, and Sorensen will somehow pick off one as well, which leads to my bizarre prediction.

Bizarre Prediction: Dan Sorensen will somehow have the game-sealing interception

He’s had a few of these this season alone. He had his second one last week against the Raiders after a terrible pass by Derek Carr, and he had his first of the year when they beat the Bills. Don’t get caught off guard when you see Brady on his path for a game-winning drive as he lofts a pass into the crisp air and Sorensen leaps like a long jumper to snag the ball away from the Bucs, crushing their dream to come back and win. It’d be a sweet sight to watch.

What bold predictions do you have for this week’s game? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic rest of your day!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. James Morgan

    January 13, 2022 at 2:54 pm

    This aged well….Like milk.

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