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Three best fits for Antonio Brown if he plays in 2020

Antonio Brown’s career has been quite the roller coaster. He came into the NFL as a late round draft pick and quickly made his mark on the NFL. In just his second year he racked up over 1100 yards and would go on to have six straight years of 1200 yards or more.

Brown rose to the height of being called the best WR in football. Many believed he was on his way to a hall of fame career. Then he was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Everything from the time he joined the Raiders organization seemed to be a disaster. He had the helmet debacle, was missing practices, was getting called out by the GM, etc. and was eventually let go.

He then signed with the Patriots, but that only lasted for a game. Brown went on to have altercations with cops at his house for one reason or another. He also decided to go on social media on go on rants about owners and NFL teams. He was on a complete downward spiral.

As of late he has been seen working out with NFL QBs like Lamar Jackson and there are rumors swirling he wants to sign with a team and Jackson has even come out and said he would like the Ravens to sign him.

So, if the NFL gives Brown another chance, who could that be with? Here are three teams that seem to be a good fit.

1. Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks have always been known for having a very strong locker room and allowing players to be themselves. Brown would also be another weapon for Russell Wilson. Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf are an emerging duo at the WR position in the NFL and the addition of Brown could create one of the best trios in the NFL.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson has worked out with Brown and even said he wants the Ravens to sign him. Marquise Brown showed flashes last year, but there are no other real threats on the outside. The Ravens tried to address their need for WR in the draft, but with a crazy offseason due to Covid-19 the impact a rookie WR may make seems minimized. Brown could add a dangerous dimension to this already impressive offense.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This one may sound a little crazy, but Tom Brady has been trying to get Brown on his team since he was in New England. The Bucs would be loaded at the skill position and Brady knows it would give him a great chance to win a Super Bowl without Belichick on his sidelines. Would there be enough footballs to keep everyone happy though?

Antonio Brown getting signed right now seems very unlikely. He has been in the media for all the wrong reasons as of late and there would have to be a team with very strong leadership and ownership to take a chance on him.

If he does get signed somewhere though, it will be very interesting to see the kind of impact he could make on one of these already extremely talented rosters.

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