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The saga of Cam Newton’s free agent journey; 3 remaining options for the QB

Andy Dalton has signed with the Dallas Cowboys. Jameis Winston has signed with the New Orleans Saints. Cam Newton has signed with… no one.

The former MVP remains a free agent as most of the other free agent QBs have been scooped up. The uncertainties around his health and the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 might have teams too scared to take a chance on him until they are able to medically clear him.

Newton will eventually get signed. So, what are his options?

New England Patriots

As everyone already knows Tom Brady has moved on from New England and is in Tampa Bay. The Patriots have had a very interesting offseason thus far and the word “tanking” has been thrown. I don’t believe Bill Belichick would ever purposefully lose and tanking in the NFL isn’t like tanking in the NBA. However, the Patriots QB depth right now is a huge question mark and consists of Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. If Newton is healthy and signed with the Patriots he would be an automatic upgrade at the position.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Gardner Minshew came into Jacksonville last year as a 6th round pick and was supposed to be a backup to Nick Foles, but he got hurt in week one verse Kansas City and Minshew would eventually keep the starting job. While there seems to be no real competition on the Jaguars roster for his starting role, Doug Marrone has come out and said they want to add a veteran QB and apparently were in the Andy Dalton sweepstakes.

Wait it out

The last option for Newton could be to just wait it out. If he does not think he is getting an opportunity to start anywhere and that is what he wants… he could sit out until a starter gets injured. That would give him an opportunity to go in and play right away. The unfortunate truth is that injuries happen and this may be the best option for him if he doesn’t want to be a backup.

Crazy things happen in the NFL all the time. No one saw Andy Dalton signing with Dallas, but he did. Newton will get an opportunity. It is just a matter of where and when that opportunity happens.

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