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Super Bowl LV: Chiefs’ stat predictions

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, so here’s are my Chiefs stat predictions for this Sunday:

The young Chief versus the old Buc; that’s the headline for Sunday’s Super Bowl. Tampa will host a thrilling, riveting rematch between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buccaneers. These teams’ have been on fire this postseason; if they haven’t, they would be here anyway. The Chiefs look to expand on their dynasty by completing the #runitback tour while Brady tries to cement his GOAT status with his seventh Super Bowl win in his career.

It’s a Chiefs versus Bucs rematch that is as ginormous as it could be! Arrowhead Live has already covered the score predictions, but today, I’ll be giving you my stat predictions for Sunday’s big game. This will be the last one of the season, so I hope I predict them all correctly. With that said, let’s hop right into the predictions:

Patrick Mahomes throws for 350+ yards and three touchdowns

There are a couple of reasons for this prediction; firstly, the last time Mahomes played the Bucs, he threw for 462 yards and three touchdowns. He has also had five 350+ passing yard games this year, and he scrapped one super close in Week 11 with 348 yards. In terms of touchdown passes, he has had seven games with three or more touchdowns, and he had both of those stats against the Bucs’ pass defense. History has a trend to repeat itself, and since the Chiefs have the best passing offense in the league, it’d be no surprise for the to occur.

Secondly, we must take a look at the Bucs’ defense. They’re ranked 21st in passing yards allowed, 15th in average passer rating, and 31st in opponent passing touchdown percentage (which is the number of touchdown passes divided by the total number of pass attempts), for instance. Even with some of their starters in the secondary returning, it still looks like it’ll be a field bay for Mahomes and the offense passing wise.

Travis Kelce has yet another 100+ receiving yard game with a touchdown

Unless Hill has another 200+ game, this is to be expected from him. He has posted four 100+ yard performances in the last six games, and he’s had nothing but 100+ yard performances in this year’s playoff run (109 versus Cleveland and 118 versus Buffalo). Also, they have given up some 832 yards and nine touchdowns on 86 completions to tight ends this season, which is among the bottom half of the league.

In terms of the touchdown prediction, he has had at least one touchdown catch in the past six games and he had two against Buffalo a few weeks ago. If the Chiefs wind up in the end-zone, expect them to target Kelce a lot, especially with shovel-pass plays. It seems to be a favorite between Mahomes and Kelce.

The Chiefs’ defense forces three turnovers

The Chiefs’ defense has been able to turn the ball over when they’ve needed to, resulting in 23 forced turnovers throughout the regular season, with 16 of them being interceptions. This was led by Tyrann Mathieu, who had six interceptions during the year. This team can ball hawk like any other, so we mustn’t forget other players like Sneed and Sorenson who had three interceptions apiece, and Breeland who had two this season, with one of them being thrown by Brady.

The last time these two played, Brady threw two picks, and in Brady’s last game, against a top-ten pass defense in the Packers, we threw three picks with two of them being on him. The Chiefs aren’t that far from the top ten, being ranked 13th this year. With mostly everyone on the defense healthy (aside from Willie Gay Jr), it’ll be a tough day for Brady and Co. to chuck it around.

Who do I think will force these turnovers? Well, I’ll put my money on Sneed and Mathieu snatching the ball from the air and Chris Jones forcing a fumble as he had two forces in the regular season. I’m going to say Hitchens recovers the said fumble, and he’ll return it to the house in some incredible fashion.

Bizarre Prediction: Tyreek Hill has over 200+ yards, again

Yare yare daze, it looks like Hill could pull this off yet again against the Bucs. This is a bizarre prediction for a reason as I don’t expect the Bucs to allow this to happen again; however, in the NFL, you never know what will happen. Hill, of course, has the speed and skill set to wreak mayhem again, and with his past nine catch 172-yard performance against Buffalo and 269 yards and three-touchdown performance in Week 12 against the Bucs, expect Mahomes to highly target Hill on Sunday.

Hill is the Speed King of the NFL. If the Bucs make the same lapses on defense as they did last time, it’s game, set, and match.

What are your Chiefs’ stat predictions for tomorrow’s Super Bowl? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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