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Ranking every team post-NFL Draft

With the draft ending 3 days ago, it’s about time to reflect on each team’s rosters and rank them accordingly.

The draft is a day where every team feels like a winner. However, as an analyst, it’s my job to pull out my shiny needle and pop their balloons of self-gratification with this power ranking.

As power rankings normally go, this is not necessarily about who is the best and who is the worst, this is about where teams are trending based off of the improvements they made.

In this power ranking, I will be taking into account the work that each team did over the course of the entire off-season, whether it be free agency or the draft. I feel it’s necessary to include the whole body of work rather than just the most recent piece.

Without further ado, here are the post-draft power rankings.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

In all honesty, I’m not satisfied with this team. They seem dead-set on constantly regressing. I do like CJ Henderson, and I am a believer in what Gardner Minshew can do as a QB, but I just don’t think they answered most of what they needed to in order to be successful.

31. Cincinnati Bengals

They didn’t get cute and draft Joe Burrow at one. Then, they provided their new franchise cornerstone with a deadly receiver corps. That was just enough to get them from last to just better than last. So, congrats to Cincy, I guess.

30. Carolina Panthers

They used every single one of their picks to address the defensive side of the ball. In free agency, they signed Teddy Bridgewater and Robby Anderson. However, they still have a lot of improving to do to keep up with the rest of their powerhouse division.

29. Washington Redskins

With the addition of Chase Young, they have arguably the deadliest defensive line in the NFL. The only problem? They don’t have anything else. I give them 29 because defensive lines like this one is built have a history of causing problems in the league, and Ron Rivera will continue to build a tremendous football culture in an organization that really doesn’t have one.

28. Chicago Bears

Sheesh, this team went from contender to mediocre to a dumpster fire in less than 2 years. That’s impressive. Mitch Trubisky won’t be the answer at QB, and neither will Nick Foles. I still love their defense, but that offense will do enough to justify the work from the other side of the ball.

27. Los Angeles Chargers

They should’ve gone tackle. If they did that, then Tyrod Taylor would’ve had enough time to make any throw needed. I would have this team a lot higher up. I love Justin Herbert. He’s a good kid with a great arm. I just would’ve rather had Tristan Wirfs. The trade for Kenneth Murray was brilliant. They finally solved part of their linebacker problem.

26. New England Patriots

I don’t know if I’m surprised or not. Bill Belichick is notorious for being awful at drafting, except for the occasional undrafted free agent or pick number 199 in the 2000 NFL Draft. There were plenty of chances for the Patriots to at least draft someone else to have in the QB room, or to improve in general. They just didn’t. At all. Nevertheless, they’re still New England.

25. Detroit Lions

Way to go, Detroit, you did what you were supposed to. You didn’t let the safest pick in the draft slip. Jeff Okudah immediately gives this team a top corner, and they continued to improve throughout the draft.

24. New York Giants

They drafted the safest tackle on the board in Andrew Thomas. He started for Georgia as a true freshman. He will immediately give Daniel Jones blindside protection. I love that pick, but the Giants still have to show improvement

23. Las Vegas Raiders

This young team almost made the playoffs last year, and they only had a few positions to address. They nabbed some talent in free agency, but all they did in the draft was draft receivers it seemed. Jon Gruden is very heavy on the run, but it was nice to see him acquire some weapons for Derek Carr.

22. New York Jets

I’ve said multiple times that this team has the potential to be a 9-10 win team. Their roster is solid. The Jets have one of the best linebacker groups in the league if Mosley and Williamson can stay healthy, and drafting tackle Mekhi Becton was most likely the best decision. They certainly improved.

21. Los Angeles Rams

This team hasn’t really improved. I like Cam Akers, but he won’t fill the void left by the slow departure of MVP-level running by Todd Gurley. This team has some improving to do before they’re Super Bowl contenders again.

20. Houston Texans

The biggest mistake this franchise will ever make is letting Bill O’Brien handle personnel. He’s proven to be a moron. I don’t even need to talk about the draft. This man traded DeAndre Hopkins, arguably the best receiver in the league, for an injury-prone running back and a couple picks. He didn’t even get a first! This team is doomed as long as he’s around.

19. Atlanta Falcons

This team moved off some players and replaced them with young additions. Picking AJ Terrell may be a little bit of a reach, but he’s still a corner that can pick up some tough match ups. This team is making progress towards the playoffs, but are probably still a year or two away.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers

This team traded its first round pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick, and he’s proven to be well worth it. Nobody knows for sure if Big Ben still has enough in him to start a whole season and guide the Steelers to the playoffs, but this roster is still strong.

17. Miami Dolphins

I’m such a big fan of what this team is doing. They stockpiled picks, weren’t afraid to spend money on players who would immediately contribute, and they used the picks they acquired to draft players like Tua and Austin Jackson who make the future even brighter for this team. Brian Flores has done an excellent job turning this franchise around.

16. Green Bay Packers

I feel terrible for Aaron Rodgers. It’s not like Jordan Love is going to beat him out for the starting job any time soon, but he doesn’t even get a quality weapon out of it all. It’s criminal. The Packers just seem to have changed directions on offense. They seem dead set on pounding the rock with Aaron Jones and company.

15. Arizona Cardinals

They stole D-Hop from the Texans, drafted the most versatile player in the draft in Isaiah Simmons, and have improved greatly in the process. The Cardinals are almost a playoff team.

14. Tennessee Titans

I’m a big fan of what this team has done over the last year. I wouldn’t have moved off of Marcus Mariota so early in the season, but apparently that’s exactly what they needed. They overpaid Tannehill, though he game managed very well. They retained Derrick Henry, who was easily their MVP. Drafting Isaiah Wilson was brilliant. I think this team won’t make it to the AFC championship again, but they’ll still be a tough matchup.

13. Indianapolis Colts

They drafted extremely well, gaining two first round talents in the second round. That more than made up for trading the 13th pick to the 49ers for DeForest Buckner. With the additions of Phillip Rivers, Johnathan Taylor, Michael Pittman Jr, and Jacob Eason, this team is more than likely on its way to the playoffs once again.

12. Dallas Cowboys

People have been bashing Dallas for their draft, but I think they nailed it. CeeDee Lamb was slipping and they nabbed him while they could. Trevon Diggs is a first round corner that fell to them in the second round. Both of those players will start and make an impact day one. They’ll still be hurting from losing key players like Byron Jones and Robert Quinn.

11. Seattle Seahawks

I don’t feel they drafted well enough to say they’ve drastically improved, nor do I think they’re worse. They’ve kind of stayed put. Russell Wilson and Seattle always seem to make the playoffs though, so I guess their formula is a winning one.

10. Denver Broncos

This team should be everyone’s dark horse for the Super Bowl. If they put it all together, they’re deadly. Acquiring Jerry Jeudy, probably the best receiver in the draft, and KJ Hamler gives Drew Lock more weapons to work with. A great draft paired with a fantastic free agency gives them all the tools to make a run at it all in the coming years.

9. Cleveland Browns

While they still have a lot to prove, they easily have the most loaded roster in the league. They’re not bad at a single position. Drafting Jedrick Wills was the right call, and Baker Mayfield will instantly benefit from it. This team could very well live up to last year’s hype this year.

8. Buffalo Bills

They had a great draft. They didn’t have a first round pick due to the trade for Stefon Diggs (well worth it), but they made up for it by drafting a first round talent in AJ Epenesa with their second round pick. Grabbing Jake Fromm on day 3 was a great move as well. This team is the consensus favorite to win the AFC, and hell has promptly frozen over.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Tristan Wirfs, Antoine Winfield. The list goes on an on. The Bucs have done nothing but improve, and they’ll be a deadly team this season.

6. Minnesota Vikings

They drafted very well. Picking up both Justin Jefferson and Jeff Gladney in the first round was a job well done for this team that has maintained one of the best rosters in the league.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz finally has weapons! The Eagles are very close to- if not already -Super Bowl contenders thanks to a solid draft by Philly’s great management.

4. San Francisco 49ers

They drafted well, maintaining a deadly defense by drafting Javon Kinlaw. Adding Brandon Aiyuk was a great move later in the first round, giving Jimmy G a weapon for the 8 times he has to throw the ball in a NFC Championship game.

3. New Orleans Saints

They could’ve went linebacker, which would’ve been the sexy move at pick 24, but they made the right choice by drafting interior lineman Cesar Ruiz. This adds to a smart off-season by the Saints, bringing in veterans and contributors to help this team win while Drew Brees is still slinging the pig skin. They also managed to prepare for the future by signing Jameis Winston.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore always drafts well. They always do. Drafting a slipping Patrick Queen (perfect fit) and not reaching for another running back to add to their track team of an offense, this organization continues to show off how well run it is.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Shocker. The team who retained almost all of their starters from their championship run is at the top of the rankings. I bet y’all are really thrown off by this one. I mean, it’s not like they added a running back that fits their offense perfectly or anything. Dang, Tre Wiggins is at it again with the hot takes. The Chiefs are still the best team until they’re proven otherwise. End of story.

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