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Power Rankings Digest

Power Rankings Digest: Fantasy draft foods

Fantasy football drafts have already started happening. Getting together to rip each other’s picks and hang with the guys for the evening is one of the best ways to start off the football season. What is critical, however, is the food.

It is a proven fact that the better the food, the better draft you will have. It is science and cannot be debated. So, here are the top 10 fantasy draft foods.

1. Pizza: Let’s be honest, if pizza isn’t first on your list, you’re wrong. It is the quintessential draft day food. It is simple. It is delicious.

2. Wings: What is the best thing to go with pizza? Wings of course! The best things about wing, besides everything, is you can get any flavor you want. Everything from hot, barbecue, garlic parm to country sweet. There is something for everyone.

3. Cheese, Pepperoni and Crackers: This is one of the best snacks regardless of the situation. For your draft, it is another simple and perfect finger food. Sharp cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella, you can pick any type of cheese you want. Same with the crackers. There are a ton of options. Simplicity, diversity, and deliciousness locks this draft day food at number three.

4. Nachos: Like the number three food, the versatility of nachos is what solidifies their ranking at four. There are so many different toppings that can be put on nachos that you can’t go wrong. One of my personal favorites, brisket. Brisket is elite by itself, throw it on some nachos and you have a dangerous combo. That is obvious with everything else you are able to throw on them as well.

5. Pretzels: Generally speaking, there are going to be some adult beverages at your draft. One of the best things to pair with that is pretzels. I am a big fan of the sourdough hard pretzels, but any will do. They are great to munch on when you’re mulling over taking Pat Mahomes seventh overall.

6. Cookies: One type of sweet is essential at the draft. I say cookies which are the simplest way to go, but this could also include brownies or rice crispy treats. There are going to be all types of salty snacks all night. Something sweet is always a good change and way to end the night.

7. Rye Boat Dip: This may not be a staple at some drafts and if it isn’t, you should rethink that. Rye boat dip is another easy and delicious food. You’re also going to need some carbs to soak up all those adult beverages.

8. Shrimp: A good shrimp tray is tough to be honest. They definitely could be ranked higher, but it also can get a little costly. Make sure if you do get the shrimp tray you don’t get that cocktail sauce that is just ketchup. A good kick from the horseradish is a must.

9. Meatballs or cocktail weenies: Either of these are super easy. Throw them in the crockpot, make sure there is an outlet where you are drafting and you are good to go. If you want to get crazy, maybe even bring some slider rolls and people can make themselves some meatball sliders.

10. Chicken Wing Dip: One of the best dips you can have. I prefer to dip vegetables in there, so maybe add a nice veggie tray to go with it. Tortilla chips are always good though. Really any dip can be good at the draft, but chicken wing dip is the best. If you already have wings at the draft, Reuben dip is a sleeper dip that is outstanding.

Food, drinks, football. Does it get any better? Having the first overall pick wouldn’t be terrible to go along with it, but fantasy drafts are always a great time. It is a signal that the NFL season is kicking off soon and fall is almost upon us. Here are some of the best foods you can have your draft. If you got something that is your go-to, make sure you leave it in the comments!

Happy drafting/eating everyone!

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