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Potential staff changes: 2020 and beyond

It turns out that Eric Bieniemy was not the only Kansas City Chiefs coach getting looks since the end of the regular season. Quarterback coach Mike Kafka’s name has been getting some press as well.

Last week it was being reported that Kafka was being considered by the Philadelphia Eagles for their OC position. There was no official request from the Eagles to interview Kafka, but the interest was there. It’s being reported by many national outlets that the reason there was no official request was that Andy Reid was going to block any such request.

NFL teams do not usually block coaches from taking interviews with other teams unless they are in the team’s future plans. I don’t think much changes for Kafka this upcoming season. He will likely stay the QB coach while getting an added title and a raise. After this season, though, there could be some shake-ups on the offensive coaching staff.

The 2021 off-season will see the departure of Bieniemy as he will get a head coaching job. He has gotten too much press (deservedly so) for the league to pass on him again next year. I think Andy will let him call a lot of plays next season and a team with a young quarterback will be looking towards the coach who helped groom Patrick Mahomes.

With Bieniemy gone Kafka would get the promotion to the OC position. This blocking of him from the Eagles shows he’s in the Chiefs’ plans and the OC job is the next logical step. Andy drafted Kafka in 2010 and hired him to the Chiefs just two years after his retirement from playing.

This will leave an opening at the quarterback coach position and that has interesting possibilities. As a proud Mizzou alumn, I would love to see Chase Daniel retire and join the staff in that role. Since his college days, Chase has been talked about as a sure-fire coach of the future. Normally you want a guy to have coaching experience before coming to the NFL, but Kafka himself only had one year at Northwestern before joining the Chiefs. However, Chase may still be playing which takes him out of the running.

The next option and the one I think is likely to happen is Michael Vick. Andy has had a strong relationship with Vick since he brought him to the Eagles in 2009. Vick owes a lot to Andy for giving him a chance after his dogfighting conviction. Vick earned Andy’s trust and the two have been close enough that Vick has been at the last two Chiefs’ training camps. He’s gotten to know the players and coaches and would be a logical choice to take the vacant quarterback coach opening.

A twist could be thrown in these plans if Andy decided to retire from coaching following the 2020 season. By then Andy will be almost 63 years old and have his Hall of Fame resume locked up. He would have been a head coach for 22 seasons and will have done everything possible. Andy will rank in the top six in victories, at least one Super Bowl title, and the head coach that helped mold Mahomes into a Hall of Fame quarterback.

If Andy did retire it’s almost a lock that Bieniemy would follow Andy as the head coach of the Chiefs. I do think he would keep a lot of Andy’s staff because it’s a familiar veteran staff that would be a great help to a rookie. But you never know until it happens.

I don’t expect Andy to retire until his current contract expires in a few years. No matter which scenario plays out, the Chiefs will be in good hands. They will have a great coach, offensive staff, and the best quarterback in football.

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1 Comment

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