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Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill have a massive day in Tampa

It was an offensive explosion in Tampa Bay. Patrick Mahomes and Tryeek Hill showed the full might of the Chiefs’ offense as they made a statement in the win over the Buccaneers and Tom Brady.

Out with the old and in with the new, Sunday’s game in Tampa Bay would feature the past and present faces of the NFL. While Tom Brady appears to be on his way out the door, lead MVP candidate and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes put up one of his biggest days yet. Mahomes threw for 462 yards, and three touchdowns and the majority of his targets were to Tyreek Hill who also had a monster game.

The pair got started early and often, and the use of misdirection and a well run wheel route got the game started out.

For weeks now, we have seen Hill used primarily as the motion man for the Chiefs, which has helped the Chiefs set up big plays for others. This week we saw the team utilize other players like Kelce in motion, in order to set up Hill for the big plays that we saw him make all day.

Hill started the day ranked 13th in the NFL in total receiving yards. After 13 catches for 269 yards and three touchdowns he was in the league lead after Sunday’s games. The 75-yard bomb thrown to him from Mahomes definitely helped.

Tampa had been playing single-high safety most of the game, and single coverage on Hill. The Chiefs saw this and found a way to attack, which they kept using motions to open up the middle of the field, but also to give Hill enough time to run his deep route. Once Hill got the ball in his hands it was all instinct.

The play above could have resulted in a touchdown for Hill or Mecole Hardman, but Mahomes decided to go Hill, who put on some electric moves in the open field.

The third touchdown pass of the day from Mahomes to Hill was the tightest window he had to throw at all day, but he put it on the money. Teams have not tried to single cover Hill much this season, so the Chiefs made sure to take full advantage of it every chance they got this week.

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers would make a late run in garbage time, and had the Chiefs lead down to only three at one point. The Chiefs offense would be able to run nearly four minutes off the clock before a big third down. As can be seen above Mahomes and Hill would be called on by head coach Andy Reid to once again seal the game.

Mahomes is now leading the league in passing yards, while Hill is leading the league in receiving yards, followed by Travis Kelce in second place. The Chiefs’ offense started the season off slow, but now they are hitting their full stride. This could very well be the last meeting between Brady and Mahomes, and if it is Brady will leave the game knowing who is now in control of the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes left the game knowing that with his group of weapons, and his head coach, combined with his cannon arm, and Tyreek Hill’s elite speed his team is on the verge of becoming even greater than they are already now. Buckle up for the rest of the season.

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