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Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense reminded the world who they are

Prior to kickoff, there was much speculation on whether the Kansas City Chiefs or Baltimore Ravens had the better offense, as well as which team had the best player. At the end of the game, there was no doubt who the better player was, and who the better team was.

The football world nearly unanimously picked the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night football. To some “analysts” in the mainstream sports media, there was just no way Patrick Mahomes could out-play Lamar Jackson.

The Chiefs offensive struggles from week two against the Chargers were a cue to some that maybe the Chiefs were not close to the team we have seen in the past, and that the Ravens defense would blow them out of the water. As we would come to find out, the Chiefs would remind the NFL and the rest of the world just who they are and what they are about.

It took just one drive for the Chiefs to show they were ready to play, and they would go down and score in relatively easy fashion their first possession with the ball.

The opening drive looked easy, and the second would not be much different. Baltimore has created a defensive identity off of playing multiple variations of zone defense, and as always blitzing the passer. They showed no difference in this plan on Monday night and the Chiefs would make them pay.

Not only did Patrick Mahomes and the entire Chiefs offense play a fantatic game, Andy Reid called maybe one of his finest games as the Chiefs head coach, along with offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. We saw not only how lethal the offense can be but also how special and creative, and just how deep the whole playbook is.

From matchup’s the past two seasons Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy also know the Ravens tendencies, and knew exactly how to attack them, and a certain former player.

When the Chiefs started their bomb show in the second quarter it was quickly followed by a steady dose of rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who once again showed his versatility to run and catch the ball.

The Ravens kept throwing different looks and different variations of the same blitzes they have used in the past at Mahomes, and he just kept on showing the NFL why he is the best quarterback in the league.

In his third full season, Mahomes has now seen almost everything the league has to offer, and a once-proud defense like the Baltimore Ravens now seem stuck in their ways continually trying to recapture what they use to be able to do to stop and slow down the other great quarterbacks of the game. The only problem with that is…

Patrick Mahomes is still a talent the likes of which we have never seen.

The Chiefs would seal the win with a very fun offensive play that let the big boys up front party in the endzone.

The entire arsenal was on full display, and the final score was nowhere near how the actual game felt. It was a beatdown and the Chiefs from the time the game started physically imposed their will on the Ravens. For the rest of 2020, I doubt anyone in the NFL will need a reminder about who the Chiefs are and what they are about.

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