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NFL Week 3 preview

Another week has flown by as we now approach Week 3 of the NFL season. With some surprise undefeated teams (Bears and Raiders) and some surprise teams underperforming (Broncos and Saints), it seems as though that we are in for an unforgettable season. With the Dolphins lighting up the Jaguars for a win Thursday night, it seems as though this week will be exciting as the ones before it. With that said, let us preview each game to see what it’ll be like:

San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants

Be wary 49ers, as a majority of your players are now either on the injury reserve or out for this game. Even though that’s true, you’ll still be fine against the Giants who don’t have a running attack, an offensive line, or a reminisce of a defense.

Nick Mullens will be probably starting in place for the injured Jimmy Garoppolo who sprained his right ankle last week, but that doesn’t cause much concern due to the number of people that are hyping him up. Let’s hope that your defense will be able to do something with the number of injuries you have in that lineup (i.e Sherman and Bosa).

Washington Football Team at Cleveland Browns

Mayfield and company were able to annihilate the Bengals last week on offense as he threw for 200+ yards and a pair of touchdowns while Chubb and Hunt combined for 200+ rushing yards and three touchdowns. You’ll now be facing Washington and their defense has done surprising well to start the season, even though they were completely torched against the Cardinals last week.

If you think this is an easy win, think again as Washington has the tools to upset the Browns and take a commanding 2-1 record with help from Dwayne Haskins, Terry McLaurin, Chase Young, and head coach Ron Rivera’s playcalling.

Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles

If the Eagles lose this game, expect Wentz to be benched as besides the Bengals finding a quarterback to build around, they have no offensive line, their starting tight end is out, they especially have a lack of defense, and so on.

While the Eagles have been a complete mess to start the season, they can make a statement win here to build their momentum into the later games of their season. Fans who are watching this game should watch out for the Eagles rushing attack as that’s where the Bengals have their most vulnerable weakness as it was exposed last week and the week before versus the Chargers.

Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots

This should be a fun one to watch as the Raiders are now 2-0 coming off a terrific win versus the Saints and the Patriots are hungry for a win after a devastating 35-30 loss that was one-yard short of a win. Some players to watch for include Josh Jacobs, who has excelled this season as he already has three rushing touchdowns to start the season, Cam Newton, who’ll be able to light the Raiders’ defense with his arm and legs, and Julian Edelman, who has been a key component to the Patriots’ passing attack. This will be an exciting game to look forward to and it looks like it’ll be a close game from start to finish.

Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons

This game could go anyone’s way. The Bears could wipe the Falcons’ defense off the face of the earth to never be seen or heard of again or the Falcons could be a semi-competent team that doesn’t blow 20 point leads and wins the game as they have the pieces to do so.

Calvin Ridley has had an amazing year to start with as he’s tied for first place in most receiving yards with 239 and has the most receiving touchdowns coming into this week with four, their defense has good players that need to do better, and Matt Ryan is having another explosive season with being second in passing yards with 723. The Bears have been having a great season with Trubisky showing strides of being a decent quarterback, but it’ll take more to convince everyone that he isn’t a bust.

Los Angeles Rams at Buffalo Bills

One of these undefeated teams will be walking away with a loss this week and it’s tough to tell who will be the team who’ll lose it. The Rams have been doing everything right on both sides of the ball and the Bills have done the exact same.

Also, both teams have quarterbacks who are among the best in their league as of now and receiving cores that shouldn’t be challenged lightly thanks to the likes of Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods for the Rams and Stefon Diggs and John Brown. This will be another exciting game to look forward to.

Houston Texans at Pittsburg Steelers

The Texans are having an atrocious/tough season and it seems like it’ll continue to be that way against the Steelers. The Steelers are pushing towards 3-0 with a revamped offense led by Big Ben and the monstrous defense led by none other than T.J Watt, who has had an amazing start of a season with 2.5 sacks, a pick, and five tackles in just two games.

On the other hand, the Texans offense and defense have struggled tremendously throughout their first two games, especially last week as they were annihilated by the Ravens 33-16. This will definitely be a troublesome game for them.

Tennessee Titans at Minnesota Vikings

After coming off a close win against the Jaguars, the Titans will take on a Vikings team that has done terribly in the two games they’ve played. Derrick Henry looks to destroy the weak Vikings defensive line while the Titans defense is ready to feast on Kirk Cousins who has had an atrocious year so far. This looks like an easy win for the Titans as they’ll try to move to 3-0.

Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Chargers

The Panthers are looking to scrape away with their first win this week, while the Chargers look to improve to 2-1. With Herbert coming off a spectacular first game against the reigning Super Bowl champions, it seems as though he’ll light up the field with Allen and the rest of the Chargers offense against a terrible Carolina defense. Teddy Bridgewater is looking for his first win as a Panther and hopefully all areas of the Panthers can step up greatly to secure one in the win column.

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

After a blowout loss to the 49ers, the Jets are attempting to win their first game this season in Indianapolis; meanwhile, the Colts were able to bounce back last week with a huge win against the Vikings as they are looking to start a winning streak.

Expect to see it come true, but remember this: anything can happen. Darnold may not have many weapons and the Jets defense may not be the best, but they have proven that they can win no matter what adversity they are put under.

Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks

After a glorious comeback win, the Cowboys are trying to secure their first win on the road against the 2-0 Seattle Seahawks. Russel Wilson is already having a dominant year with nine touchdown passes and one interception with 610 passing yards on the year, and Prescott is doing all he can to make sure Dem Boys don’t collapse as they did in Week 1 and (almost) last week. With Seattle’s defense looking like a sharp-dressed man (if you understand the reference, you’re awesome), it’ll be unbearably hard to rough up. This is a matchup you’d want to look closely at.

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals

Kyler is putting up numbers that are making his case for an MVP run, DeAndre Hopkins looks spectacular with his new team, the defense is shining bright, and now they’re looking to stay undefeated against the Lions. While the Lions don’t have starting corners in their lineup, their defense can still do some sort of damage to the high-powered Cardinals offense and the Lions offense could give the Cardinals’ defense a run for their money if they’ve fixed everything that faltered last week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Denver Broncos

The good old’ Broncos that we love dearly are trying to grab their first win against a Buccaneers squad that may be beginning to click. Last week against the Panthers, Brady and the Bucs’ offense made the Panthers’ defense look like mince-meat as Fournette ran for 100+ yards and a pair of touchdowns while Brady quietly threw for 200+ yards and a touchdown. The Broncos are dealing with an overload of injuries (i.e. Drew Lock, Bradley Chubb, and Mark Barron), so they have to make do with what they have available to pull out a shocking victory.

Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints

Aaron Rodgers looks revitalized, Aaron Jones is tearing apart defenses with his legs, the defense looks outstanding, and it seems as though the Packers that other teams have feared are now back; on the other hand, the same can’t be said for the Saints who lost in an upset against the Raiders. Fans are believing that Brees is washed due to the fact that he barely had a completion for over five yards, but it’s too early to tell as the Saints and Brees can prove them wrong Sunday night.

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

A nail-biting win that has left all fans of the NFL speechless, the Chiefs will head to Baltimore to face the Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. The battle of two MVPs, the early battle to see who will be the favorites to take the AFC crown, and a battle that has been highly anticipated before the season began. The Ravens have been able to destroy the two teams in their path with ease and due to a weak Chiefs defense, it may happen again. Even if that’s true, the Chiefs still have Mahomes, the weapons on offense, and their star players on defense to take command when they need it the most.

That’s all for the NFL Week 3 previews. Leave a comment down below with your thoughts on these previews and if there’s anything you’d like to add. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day.

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