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NFL conference round predictions

The Super Bowl is coming very quickly, as we are just two conference games away from figuring out what teams from each conference will battle it out for the ultimate trophy.


Prediction: Chiefs over Titans, 42-38 (KC -7.5)

In the AFC, we see the #2 seeded Kansas City Chiefs returning to the Championship for the second year in a row, hosting the lowest seed from the AFC, the Tennessee Titans.

Both the Titans and the Chiefs have defeated all odds to get to this final AFC game. The Chiefs were expected to play a Wild Card game away from home, while the Titans were fighting till the very end of the season to gain that last spot in the AFC. The Chiefs earned a bye and home field advantage due to the Dolphins beating the Patriots in the final week of the regular season. This lead to the Titans going into Foxborough to play, and beat, the Patriots. The Titans offense has been nearly unstoppable this playoff run and will for sure present a problem for the Chiefs defense. The Chiefs seem ready for the challenge after coming back from a 24-0 deficit in the 1st quarter against the Texans. This game will not disappoint for NFL fans.

I think this game will be very close, and will come down to what Patrick Mahomes can really do in the passing game. Henry will dominate consistently throughout the game, but it won’t be enough for the Titans to pull off the win. Chiefs will bring home the Lamar Hunt trophy and advance to Miami.


Prediction: Packers over 49ers, 24-17 (SF -7.5)

In the NFC, we see the #1 seeded San Francisco 49ers hosting the #2 seeded Green Bay Packers.

Both teams are 13-3 and were fully expected to be in this position at the end of the season. The 49ers had to battle against the Seahawks in the final week of the regular season in order to remain the #1 seed. With a loss, the 49ers would have dropped to the 5th seed and kissed home field advantage goodbye. Dre Greenlaw put up a goal line stop to end the game and the 49ers were able to remain on their throne. That leads us to the Packers, who were always in the place they needed to be and no one really paid attention to it. They won big games this season, but this will be the biggest challenge of all.

I’m taking a chance and choosing the Packers over the 49ers because I think Aaron Rodgers has what it takes to get it done. Last time we saw Rodgers in the Super Bowl was in 2011. This is the best (used loosely), chance he’s had since then to get there, especially due to his coach, Matt LaFluer. Jimmy Garoppolo is a good quarterback, but his defense has been carrying him almost the entire season. Rodgers finds ways to take advantages of holes in defenses. I think that is what we will see this weekend. The offensive line for the Packers has a huge game ahead. I think their performance and whether or not they are able to protect Rodgers will make or break this game.

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