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NFL 2020 QB Carousel

The 2020 NFL Offseason isn’t even here yet and already there is a ton of buzz surrounding quarterbacks and where they will play next year. The consensus seems there will be a big shakeup at the position, but I believe it won’t be as big a shakeup as people thing. Every year around 6-8 new quarterbacks are named starter of a franchise they weren’t the starter for a year ago and that will be the case this year as well with three or four of those changes coming from the draft. That doesn’t leave a lot of open positions for the rest of the quarterback who might be on the move. Here are my predictions on were quarterbacks will be playing next year.

Tom Brady: Current team- New England Patriots

                       2020 team- New England Patriots

Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere. Can you imagine him playing for another team? I can’t and I know Robert Kraft can’t either, the owner of the Patriots. Kraft is going to do whatever he can to keep Brady in New England, even if it upsets head coach Bill Belichick. I thought Brady might leave if his offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left but with McDaniels coming back so will Brady.

Brady is too old to be moving around his family and learning a new offense if he doesn’t have to. There’s only a handful of places he could go to accommodate his family and I don’t think there are many teams that want a 43 year-old quarterback even if he is the G.O.A.T. Brady needs to sign a one or two-year contract with the Patriots and then ride off into the sunset only having played for one team.

Cam Newton: Current team- Carolina Panthers

                          2020 team- Indianapolis Colts

This almost makes too much sense meaning it probably isn’t going to happen. Newton is all but done in Carolina after injuries kept him off the field for most of 2019. The Panthers have a younger quarterback in Kyle Allen and a high enough draft pick to draft a top quarterback out of college. Newton will be in the final year of his contract and cutting him opens up 18 million in cap-space.

Newton will find a new home. The 2015 MVP still has enough in him to be a difference maker and the Indianapolis Colts would be a perfect fit. Newton is a physical player who uses his legs just as much as his arm to make plays. He also has recent injury concerns, so protection is going to be important. The Colts have one of, if not the best, offensive lines in football and would allow Newton to make plays without constantly being hit. The Colts also have weapons with Marlon Mack, T.Y. Hilton, Eric Ebron and Jack Doyle that would allow them to run an offense similar to the one the Baltimore Ravens had so much success with this past year.

The Colts would have to move off Jacoby Brissett for this move to be possible and teams have a hard time moving off quarterbacks like Brissett. Guys that are not going to lose the game for you but they probably are not going to win it for you either. There isn’t another player in the league like Cam Newton and the Colts would be smart to make the move.

Andy Dalton: Current team- Cincinnati Bengals

                          2020 team- Chicago Bears

Andy Dalton has had a weird career in Cincinnati. He took the Bengals to the playoffs the first five years of career and they haven’t been back since even though Dalton’s numbers have stayed about the same over that time. 2019 was by far his worst season but just one look at the Bengals roster might tell you why. Dalton is a quarterback that can make some plays, run an offense but needs some help around him.

Bring in the Chicago bears who have a very talented roster and a young quarterback in Mitch Trubisky who is taking a lot longer to develop than people hoped. Dalton would serve as a great backup/replacement for Trubisky if he continues to struggle with the offense. Chicago needs to bring in a quarterback who will challenge Trubisky and potentially teach him what it takes to win games in the NFL which is something Dalton did a lot early in his career. I believe the Bears when they say Trubisky is their guy, and whether that a good idea or not, they need to bring in a veteran presence who could threaten to start, a better quarterback and on the cheaper end. Dalton fits all three.

Quarterbacks staying put in 2020:

Drew Brees: New Orleans Saints

Brees isn’t going anywhere. He still played at a very high level and Sean Payton loves him. Brees will more than likely retire a Saint someday.

Teddy Bridgewater: New Orleans Saints

This is the toughest quarterback to guess in my opinion. One the one side, Bridgewater has displayed the ability to be a starting quarterback and could be a good fit for teams like the Chargers and Colts. On the other side, the thinking is Bridgewater and the Saints really like each other and management wants him to be Brees’ successor.

Jameis Winston: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head coach Bruce Arians came out of retirement to work with Winston and even though Winston threw 30 interceptions, he also threw over 5,000 yards and 33 touchdowns. That’s enough for Arians to keep him around.

Quarterbacks on the move in 2020:

Marcus Mariota: Los Angeles Chargers

Whoever quarterbacks for the Chargers next season, fans will see a style of play they have never seen: A mobile quarterback. Mariota has had his up and downs and a fresh start would be could for the former Heisman winner. The Chargers need a fresh start too. Perfect match

Phillip Rivers: Carolina Panthers

Rivers had the worst year of his career in 2019 and is most likely done as a Charger. I think Rivers is still good enough to be an NFL quarterback, but he’s probably best suited as a backup. Carolina is probably going younger at quarterback this year and Rivers would serve as a good handicap for Kyle Allen or a rookie quarterback.

Eli Manning: Miami Dolphins

Manning is in the same position Rivers is in. I believe Manning is still good enough to be in the NFL but it would have to be as a backup. The Dolphins are more than likely drafting a young quarterback to take the helm and Manning seems like the mentor type. An organization can do a lot worse than a 2-time Super Bowl Champion as the backup.

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