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Mailbag Monday

Mailbag Monday

Welcome all to another Mailbag Monday. We received the most feedback from readers this week, and I thank everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and UStadium who gave their feedback.

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“I just hope we can have a football season.” – Brian Lampton, Facebook

Me too, Mr. Lampton. Me too. I mentioned in a previous mailbag that the NFL is the beneficiary of the timing of the COVID-19 outbreak. The NFL gets to watch other leagues figure out how to return to play, and then they can take the best ideas from those leagues and implement them.

The biggest question surrounding the season is whether or not fans will be allowed. But in terms of actual gameplay, the NFL is on track to play a full season.

“I WISHED the Chiefs would have/could have gotten Ryan Fitzpatrick in town to ‘Bang the Drum’ for our first playoff game.” – Donald Kevin Adey, Facebook

I was on board as soon as I heard about the idea after week 17 and was hoping it would become a reality. While he didn’t end up banging the drum, I did hear there were a few of his jerseys in the crowd, and if he ever finds himself in Kansas City, he’ll never have to pay for a drink. It was a lot of fun watching KC rally together to try and make it happen.

My first thought is QB coach Mike Kafka, who seems set to become the next Chiefs offensive coordinator when Eric Bieniemy gets a head coaching job. Becoming the Chiefs OC is a prime way to become an NFL head coach, with Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy landing jobs, and Bieniemy a candidate over the last two offseasons.

More carries – Williams or Edwards-Helaire? – ConnorNaess, uStadium

Edwards-Helaire. The Chiefs view him as a potential franchise back, and I think they will try and implement him into the offense as soon and often as possible. Williams will still be involved, but he is a free agent after this season, and Edwards-Helaire will be the main guy in 2021.

“Who do you think will make the 53 man roster that would be a surprise to most people?” – Eric Hooper, Facebook

Darius Harris is a name to keep an eye on. Harris spent 2019 on the PUP list, but was a highly touted UDFA last spring, and Veach went on record to say that Harris could be a future NFL starter.

Should he remain healthy he could be a key depth piece at linebacker behind Anthony Hitchens, Damien Wilson, and Willie Gay Jr.

“What do you think the Chiefs record will be without the fans in the stadium? If they are allowed crowd noise will they let them pump in the world record decibel noise Arrowhead holds?” – Mike Campbell, Facebook

If fans are not allowed, I still believe the Chiefs have a great shot at running the table at home in 2020, especially when you take a look at their home opponents. Besides the division, Arrowhead will host the Texans, Patriots, Jets, Panthers, and Falcons. Only two of those teams made the playoffs in 2019, and the Patriots are not what they were with the departure of Tom Brady.

If the NFL allows some kind of artificial crowd noise, it’d be interesting to hear all of the different possibilities. Should places like Arrowhead and the Superdome be allowed to turn the volume on pumped-in noise higher, or would all teams have to keep it the same? Right now, it is all a guessing game, as the NFL is waiting to make the call of if fans will be allowed.

Once that decision is made, the fun can begin in deciding if any alternatives need to be put in place.

I am no cap expert, but with the salary cap expected to take a hit in 2021, a percentage style contract could be more beneficial for the Chiefs versus a fixed amount deal.

If the cap drops as much as $70 million, which some around the league fear it could, a $40 million commitment could be tough for a team to manage along with other large cap hits on the roster.

A percentage style contract has never been seen before, so it would be hard to truly tell how it would impact how a team operates until we actually see it. We may see it in Kansas City, but we will have to wait and see.

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