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Mahomes is clearly the NFL’s #1 quarterback, but who’s #2?

Mahomes is the NFL’s number one quarterback, but which of the other great quarterbacks in this league fall right behind him at number two?

There are many great quarterbacks that dawn their jerseys in this league, yet Mahomes is the one to sit on the throne. From his electrifying style of play to his dominant play style, there is no shadow of a doubt that Mahomes is the main man at his position. With a number one in a certain field, there is always a number two, number three, and so on in that field as well. So with that in mind, which player in the NFL has earned the right to be dubbed the number two quarterback in the league? The answer isn’t highly debatable, nor highly challenged. It’s actually quite simple as it is none other than:

Lamar Jackson

Before we list off the stats that made him earn this rank, let’s look at the accolades he has gained this past season. He was the 2019 unanimous MVP, which is only a feat that was achieved by Tom Brady back in 2010. That stand-alone award could make the case, but let’s not forget what another major accomplishment he made: the 2020 all-pro team. This is no easy task as you must be one of the best at your position to even have a chance of making it. Those two accolades alone can prove to anyone that he worthy of being in the debate of a top-3 quarterback, but let’s not stop there!

Now, let us continue on with the stats that prove his versatility. The rushing category is a major influence into his rank as this past season, he broke the NFL-record for most rushing yards in a single season by a quarterback with 1,206 yards. With that in mind, he averaged around seven yards per run along with about 80 rushing yards per game, which gave defenses a hefty chore to deal with. This goes to show how much of a contributor he is to the offensive side of things as due to his well known rushing ability, he is able to not only create game-changing runs but he’s also able to open up the entire offense for the remainder of the game. His rushing ability isn’t the only thing worth noting though.

Lamar’s passing ability is another key ingredient as to why he is, in general, a top-tier quarterback for years to come. Although he didn’t finish high in passing yards, he was able to finish with the most passing touchdowns in the season with 36. This is critical as he completed spectacular throws to his receivers that gave them the ability to run up the score on their opponents, which in turn helped them go 14-2. Along with this, he finished in the top-10 in completion percentage with 66.1%. His passing stats weren’t truly “flashy”, especially his yards, but that shouldn’t take away any credit that he has earned that proves that he is a top-tier quarterback.

Overall, Lamar Jackson is the number two quarterback in the NFL. The stats and his abilities within the game show that ten times over. Will he take over Mahomes’ number one spot? In my opinion, he probably won’t, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!

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