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Mahomes: I trust Brett Veach when it comes to potential Dez signing

It’s been over a week now since we saw all the videos of Patrick Mahomes practicing with Dez Bryant. It started a lot of discussions around if the Chiefs should sign him, thankfully Mahomes is going to leave that decision to Brett Veach.

You know Chiefs Kingdom is desperate for some offseason news when you see Dez Bryant trending in Kansas City. It all started with the video of Mahomes throwing passes to Bryant at a training facility. Bryant is trying to find a team after not taking a snap in the NFL in two seasons.

Bryant looked good running some sharp routes with Mahomes slinging him the ball like it was a private workout. It was a good video for Bryant to get out showing he desires and has the skill to still play in the league again. That by itself would have started the rumor mill grinding on if the Chiefs should sign him or not, but that was just the start.

The flames of this rumor got flamed when soon after that workout someone dug back into Mahomes’ Twitter history to find a gem. In 2013, when Mahomes was 18 years old, he tweeted out that “Dez Bryant is easily my favorite player”. The tweet made it’s way to Bryant who responded saying “life goes full circle…@patrickmahomes is my son Dez Jr favorite player also he’s my favorite player”.

That exchanged changed the conversation from should the Chiefs sign him to if Mahomes wants them to sign him. While I have no issue with Mahomes having input in offensive personnel, he should not be the general manager. Thankfully he agrees with me.

Speaking with Yahoo Sports writer Terez Paylor in an article that came out Thursday, Mahomes stated he leaves picking players to Veach. That is smart of Mahomes because he doesn’t want to get in the business of picking players with his heart. Fans should understand this from something as small as our fantasy football teams. How many times have you guys drafted Dante Hall or Sammy Watkins because he’s great and you know he’s going to dominate?

No, that job should be left to the professionals and people who spend hours upon hours watching film and judging players with their heads, not their hearts. I am sure Veach will give Bryant a look and crunch the tape and the numbers to see if he’s a fit or not. I think the majority of Chiefs Kingdom will trust whatever decision Veach makes.

I want to be clear as the best player on the team and the face of the franchise Mahomes’ opinion does matter. If Veach is looking at adding a WR or TE, Mahomes should be involved in the process. It should be viewed by Veach as another opinion to consider, not a decision-maker.

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