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Kurt Warner points out what Mahomes can improve on

In just three years, Patrick Mahomes has cemented himself as the top QB in the league, winning league MVP and Super Bowl in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Even with his extraordinary play, Mahomes is always looking to improve, and recently HOF QB Kurt Warner pointed out his footwork as a piece to improve.

“When you get talented guys like Patrick Mahomes, like Aaron Rodgers, they’re so used to getting away with doing things with their special arms and special arm talent that they get away with bad footwork sometimes.”

Warner added, “But if he can clean up his footwork and become more efficient from throw to throw, not just the big throws, but on the normal everyday throws that you’re asked to make, I think Patrick Mahomes can get better than he’s been over these first few years.”

Mahomes’ footwork has been a topic of discussion going back to his days at Texas Tech, and many were skeptical that Mahomes would have success because of it.

Mahomes improving should scare the rest of the NFL. Some around the NFL believe the Chiefs already have the best chance to become the NFL’s next dynasty, and Mahomes improving would only increase those odds.

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