Chiefs Handle the Rams 26-10 as Kansas City Continues Five-Game Win Streak: Takeaways from the Chiefs’ Win

The Chiefs have the best record in the AFC and look every bit like the Super Bowl Contender they are. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are on historic paces but it wasn’t all easy against a lackluster Rams team.

Kansas City welcomed the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams to Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon, and it wasn’t the match of Super Bowl contenders as once thought at the beginning of the season. The Rams came in with the worst record of any defending Super Bowl Champion in the history of the league and were without their starting quarterback and wide receiver. The Chiefs were riding off the high of once again beating the Chargers in a classic primetime game between the divisional rivals. 

The Chiefs and Rams started off slow, both teams went three and out on the first possession and then Travis Kelce had another classic touchdown over All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey, where Ramsey lost the tight end on a double move. 

The Chiefs were comfortably ahead most of the game and only allowed one touchdown in the fourth quarter, winning 26-10. Kansas City looked like it was the best team in the league as they made the plays to get the win and were able to get into the rezone with ease. The Chiefs had a comfortable win, but some things can be improved upon, as with every game. Here are some takeaways from the Chiefs’ win over the Rams.

The Offense Needs to Improve in the Red Zone

Kansas City’s offense is the best in the league, scoring at the highest rate in the league and the most efficiently. They haven’t put up under 20 points since the baffling loss to the Colts in Week Three, and they have done it in a lot of different ways. They run a lot of different sets and schemes to score points and they have a really solid red zone offense. But against the Rams, the Chiefs only scored one touchdown from within the twenties. 

They struggled against a bad defense, and it was noticeable they couldn’t find the right plays or personnel to score, or Mahomes was pressured and made a mistake. The Chiefs need to improve there, and it might be due to the want to pass the ball. The Chiefs throw the ball in the red zone more than any other team, which seems to hamper them when it comes to scoring touchdowns. 

The unwillingness to run the ball might be due to the inconsistent play of some of the running backs like Clyde Edwards-Helaire or Jerick McKinnon. Now with Isiah Pacheco leading the way, it seems like they can trust the rookie to get into the endzone more often.

Isiah Pacheco is the Lead Running Back

Speaking of Isiah Pacheco, the rookie has finally secured his role as the lead back and it looks like there is no longer a committee for him to go through. Pacheco ran for 69 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries and he was able to get a 17-yard catch in the mix there. 

Pacheco has taken the starting role by the horns and it seems like he has the right mindset with every practice and game he plays. “Just day-by-day, going through the motions. (There’s) Never a day that goes by that I’m satisfied. (I) just keep working, coming in the building with eh same mindset and the same attitude. When I get out there, it’s time to roll.”

Pacheco could be a key for unlocking the red zone offense and getting the Chiefs back in another deep playoff run. Watch for Pacheco to get more carries near the goal line and to be on the field for more third-down passing plays. 

Nick Bolton is a Superstar

The Chiefs’ defense has been one of the better units in the league ever since the week six loss to the Buffalo Bills, only allowing over 20 points twice over the current five-game winning streak for the Chiefs.

And they have only allowed 27 second-half points over the winning streak and are now in the top five in sacks on the season. Players like Chris Jones, Carlos Dunlap, Trent McDuffie, and Willie Gay have been playing great, but Nick Bolton has been a driving force for the Chiefs.

Nick Bolton is on pace for close to 190 tackles this season and he seems to be playing his best football as they head down the home stretch. Over the past two weeks, he’s had 18 tackles and two interceptions which sealed the game. Bolton has been the most consistent player for the Chiefs’ defense outside of Chris Jones, watch for Bolton to earn an All-Pro selection at the end of the season and for him to be super important in the postseason for the Chiefs.

With the Chiefs heading down the final stretch of the season, Kansas City is going to be one of the top seeds if everything goes their way. With a huge game against the Bengals next week, the Chiefs are in a prime position to be the best team in football if they can beat Cincinnati.

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