Are we overhyping Justyn Ross?

The undrafted free agent has been getting a lot of attention during the rookie mini-camp and OTA. The attention he has been attracting has been nothing but high praise, but are we overhyping the young talent already?

Before the injury, Justyn Ross was projected to be a first-round draft pick due to his success in his freshman season. He led all receivers that year with 46 receptions and totaled 1000 yards in his freshman year. In that same year, he played with guys who are making noise in the NFL such as Raiders Hunter Renfrow and Bengals receiver Tee Higgins. Seeing those names on that list and Ross having an outstanding year at that time shows the UDFA has high potential and should be able to capitalize, especially joining an already high-powered KC offense.

As a fan of the game, I always say let the talent show first and then we can begin crediting the player, but it seems KC has been extremely satisfied with Ross’s potential throughout the past months. His recent injury could have made him stop playing football for good, but seeing him out there already and not being restricted gives not only the Chiefs hope for the future, but also gives Ross confidence and hope as well. His spectacular one-handed grab at practice has been gaining a lot of traction the last couple of weeks and even Mahomes had to take to Twitter to give props and say the kid looked at it as if it was nothing. Kelce also followed behind giving the same praise to this outstanding rookie standout.

Chiefs’ Kingdom is enjoying every moment watching the highlights and hype surrounding Ross. After losing Hill, everyone was looking at who would be next up. I think Skyy Moore is a great receiver, but if Ross can stay healthy and play at a high level once again, the Chiefs may have got one of the biggest steals in undrafted free agent history.