2022 Schedule Preview

Let’s go game-by-game in the 2022 schedule and talk about why each game is going to be interesting.

Week 1: Chiefs @ Cardinals – 3:25 – CBS

Chiefs open the season in the desert vs the Arizona Cardinals on the opening week of the 2022 NFL Season. The Cardinals will be without their star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins throughout the first six games of this season (appeal pending), and the Cardinals made the move for Marquise “Hollywood” Brown in a draft-day trade-in April. This is going to be a physical type of game with the new personnel on the Chiefs coming in and trying to gel. 

The Chiefs should be odds-on favorites to win this game in week one and it should be interesting to see how the Chiefs look without Tyreek Hill and an influx of new talent for them.

Chiefs 34 – Cardinals 21

Week 2: Chargers vs Chiefs – 7:25 – Thursday Night Football on Amazon

The first AFC West matchup of the season is a doozy, the Chiefs will have a short week to take on the Los Angeles Chargers, who are one of the five contenders to win the Super Bowl in 2022. The Chargers got better on both sides of the ball on paper, they added Kahlil Mack, J.C. Jackson, and drafted Zion Johnson. The Chargers are going to be one of the biggest threats in the wild wild AFC West, but it might take them a while to get acclimated to playing together on a short week.

Another tough draw for the Chiefs in the first four weeks of the season, but if they want to show how good they are, a win over an up-and-coming Chargers team would be great for the confidence of the team.

Chiefs 41 – Chargers 35

Week 3: Chiefs @ Colts – Noon – CBS

After a long week to recoup after two games one five days, the Chiefs travel to Indianapolis to play the Colts. The Colts were one of the best defensive teams in football last season and have made the right moves to keep themselves in playoff contention for another season. They added Matt Ryan in a trade after they got rid of Carson Wentz, and it should bring some stability to the offense which struggled at times when they couldn’t run the ball.

The Chiefs’ offense will have to contend with a monster defensive front throughout the game and will need to be physical up front against one of the best rushing teams in football from last season. This will be a test for the defense to see how they improved on the defensive line from last season.

Chiefs 28 – Colts 14

Week 4: Chiefs @ Buccaneers – 7:25 – NBC

Brady vs Mahomes Part 6

The last of one of the toughest four-game stretches in the NFL ends with the Chiefs having to play the Buccaneers in Tampa. This will be one of the most anticipated games of the season for both the Bucs and Chiefs and it will probably be the most viewed game of the season. 

With Brady coming back for yet another season, the Buccaneers will want to dominate the Chiefs in Prime Time. The Chiefs will have revenge on their minds as they want to beat Brady in this Super Bowl rematch. 

Bucs 28 – Chiefs 24

Week 5: Raiders vs Chiefs – 7:25 – Monday Night Football on ESPN

The Raiders travel to Arrowhead on Monday Night Football, and they are one of the biggest shoulder shrugs when it comes to how good they will be. The Raiders got key players like Chandler Jones and Davante Adams, who are good on paper, but it’s still the Raiders. Las Vegas has won one game at Arrowhead since 2013. 

The Chiefs will want to flex some muscles on one of the best rivalries in sports and Patrick Mahomes has averaged four touchdowns against Las Vegas since he entered the league. Watch this game if you want to see the Chiefs showcase their offense.

Chiefs 49 – Raiders 28

Week 6: Bills vs Chiefs – 3:25 – CBS

For the second straight season, the Bills travel to Kansas City in one of the best inter-conference rivalries in the AFC. The Bills and Chiefs played one of the best playoff games of all time the last time the two teams matched up, and the Bills are back for blood. 

The Bills have gone all-in in signing players signing Von Miller, Jamison Crowder, Jordan Phillips, OJ Howard, and Shaq Lawson. The Bills are going to come in and try to go for the jugular against the Chiefs. This is going to be one of the most viewed non-Prime Time games, and this is one of the best games of the season.

Bills 34 – Chiefs 31

Week 7: Chiefs @ 49ers – 3:25 – FOX

Another Super Bowl rematch for the Chiefs as they head to the Bay to play the 49ers. The Chiefs will have to play against Trey Lance for the first time and this should be an interesting game. The Chiefs play in their seventh-straight team with a winning record when they kickoff against the 49ers and this is going to be a test against one of the best teams in the NFC.

With the Chiefs having to play on the West Coast, this is one of the biggest coin flip games of the season, the Chiefs will have to not get into a trap game against San Francisco. 

Chiefs 21 – 49ers 17

Week 8: Bye Week

Week 9: Titans vs Chiefs – 7:25 – NBC

The Titans come to Kansas City for the first time since the 2019 AFC Championship Game and this will be a game where the Chiefs will be out for blood. The Titans have beaten the Chiefs in the last two regular-season matchups in Nashville and the Chiefs will have to find a way to handle Derrick Henry. 

The Chiefs should be well-rested coming off of their bye week and Andy Reid has an impeccable record coming off of a bye week. Should the Chiefs win this game? Yes, but the Titans are a very well-coached team.

Chiefs 31 – Titans 22

Week 10: Jaguars vs Chiefs – Noon – CBS

This is a tune-up game for the Chiefs, or it should be. 

The Jaguars are still building their team after having the number one overall pick two straight years. The Chiefs shouldn’t overlook their opponent, but Jacksonville isn’t a good team and Jacksonville is the first opponent the Chiefs will face that had a losing record in the 2021 season.

Chiefs 31 – Jaguars 13

Week 11: Chiefs @ Chargers – 3:25 – CBS

Round two against the Chargers in Los Angeles should be a fun one, the Chiefs have not lost against the Chargers on the road since 2015. This should be a good game with both teams probably jockeying for the lead in the AFC West.

Chargers 28 – Chiefs 24

Week 12: Rams vs Chiefs – 3:25 – FOX

The Super Bowl Champs come to Kansas City for a late afternoon tip-off and this is the premier matchup that’s not on Prime Time this season. The Chiefs and Rams have two high-caliber offenses that can put up points in bunches and the Rams have a solid defense. If the Chiefs are going to win this game they are going to have to force turnovers.

If the Rams and Chiefs are as good as everyone thinks they are going to be, this might be the hardest ticket to get in the regular season. 

Rams 34 – Chiefs 27

Week 13: Chiefs @ Bengals – 3:25 – CBS

The AFC Championship Game rematch is going to be a big game for Kansas City. The Chiefs will have the two games from last season on their mind and they made their personnel decisions based on that loss. 

The Bengals fixed their offensive line after an abysmal showing last season and they brought back most starters from the Super Bowl team. If the Bengals don’t have a Super Bowl hangover, they should be really good in the loaded AFC. The Chiefs will have this one circled and it will be interesting to see what the Chiefs’ defense looks like by this time. 

Chiefs 38 – Bengals 21

Week 14: Chiefs @ Broncos – 7:25 – NBC

The Chiefs travel to Mile High to face Russell Wilson’s Broncos for the first time. This has the potential to be the best Denver/ Kansas City game since Peyton Manning played for the Broncos. Russell Wilson will have adjusted to playing in Denver by Week 14 and I expect a shootout after the last two meetings have been defensive showcases.

It is weird to play Denver for the first time this late for Kansas City, as they only would have played the Chargers and Raiders up to this point. But you would hope the Chiefs will come into Denver trying to beat Denver yet again as Denver hasn’t beaten Kansas City since 2015.

Chiefs 27 – Denver 21

Week 15: Chiefs @ Texans – Noon – CBS

Another breath for the Chiefs as they head South to play in Houston. The Texans were able to win four games last season without DeShaun Watson and JJ Watt and they look to build into a playoff contender with their new QB Mills playing in his second season. Houston should be n interesting game because they might be hovering at .500 or will be one of the worst teams in football.

The Chiefs should walk all over Houston in another “tune-up” game, but the Chiefs have had problems playing in these tune-up games in the past. But expect Mahomes and company to pour on points throughout the game and the Chiefs defense should have a solid game against the young QB.

Chiefs 35 – Texans 20

Week 16: Seahawks vs Chiefs – Noon – FOX

Kansas City will have to play their last NFC West opponent in Arrowhead and it’s the Seattle Seahawks, a team that could be decent or bad. The Seahawks traded Russell Wilson for Drew Locke and a couple of draft picks, and they also lost future Hall of Famer Bobby Wagner on defense.

The Chiefs should have a lot of confidence in playing this game, but the Seahawks still have some really good pieces on their roster, this should be a blowout by the Chiefs in Arrowhead as they look to win the AFC West in the next two weeks.

Chiefs 38 – Seahawks 14

Week 17: Broncos vs Chiefs – Noon – CBS

The Broncos come to Arrowhead for Russ’s first trip to Kansas City since 2017. The Chiefs have had some problems playing the Broncos in Arrowhead over the past couple of seasons and I expect the Chiefs to find a way to get their 15th straight win over the Broncos.

Chiefs 35 – Broncos 27

Week 18: Chiefs @ Raiders – (Flex Game Saturday or Sunday) – TBD

This might be a resting game for the Chiefs starters if they already won the AFC West or have the one seed in the AFC for the playoffs. But if they play in Las Vegas, I expect a very fun game between the two rivals. 

Chiefs 33 – Raiders 27