Is Skyy Moore the perfect Tyreek Hill replacement?

With the Chiefs drafting Skyy Moore in the second round, is he going to be Hill’s replacement or is he something more?

Skyy Moore had his best season last year totaling 1,283 yards and catching 10 touchdowns for the Western Michigan Broncos. At 5-foot-10, Moore isn’t the tallest guy but had one of the biggest sets of hands in the wide receiver group at the NFL Combine. Although he is small in stature, he plays big and fills a need the Chiefs were missing, even though they added guys like JuJu Smith-Schuster and Montez Valdez-Scantling this off-season.

There will never be a perfect replacement for what the Chiefs had with Tyreek, however, the Chiefs were able to grab someone who has that deep threat ability. Moore isn’t only a speedster, he had the most broken tackles in all of college football having more than twenty during the 2021 season. Moore has glimpses similar to what Hill brought to the Chiefs, he has traits that separate him from Hill as well which Mahomes can take advantage of this season.

Moore had a catch rate of 70% last season which is an extremely good stat. Hill last season had the most drops in his career with Kansas City. A lot of those were tipped or dropped passes which resulted in turnovers or led to a short field for the defense. Although, Hill made up for his mistakes by having dynamic plays, those turnovers or dropped passes kept the Chiefs’ offense stagnant in some games throughout the season.

Having a wideout that has dependable hands and can flip the field as well will make Mahomes’ life easier and help the Chiefs get over the loss of Hill. Moore can bring that to the Chiefs with his skillset and the lack of mistakes will need to translate. Moore will have the opportunity to contend for the Offensive Rookie of the Year by playing in the Andy Reid system, but he will have to earn his role and show what he’s capable of this offseason.