Should the Chiefs seriously consider the move out of Arrowhead?

The Chiefs President Mark Donovan teased the idea of moving out of Arrowhead and possibly going across the river to Kansas. This left many divided but should the Chiefs seriously consider the move out of Arrowhead?

Arrowhead Stadium is one of the most iconic arenas in the United States, it is also the loudest stadium in the world according to Guinness World Records. From the legendary moments of John Elway having trouble hearing and the referees threatening the Chiefs with a penalty on Monday Night Football. To all Missourians, specifically, KC residents, moving out of Arrowhead to go to (shudder) Kansas would be heartbreaking. Even though they have continued to renovate the stadium and add more to this historic building, many believe it is time for a new scenery for the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the organization starting to get more exposure by having one of the best teams in the league, the move for the Chiefs could possibly happen within the next couple of years. Although I would hate to see the Chiefs leave and play elsewhere in the metro area, I do not fully oppose the idea. Instead of moving to Kansas, the Chiefs could potentially move the stadium downtown and I can explain why that would be the best solution.

The downtown area of KC could potentially be the best spot for the stadium because of its surroundings and it would be more convenient for Chiefs fans. Being in the Power & Light district would create more revenue for the organization and the city. By having more events and being in a location where most out-of-town fans stay it means that the outdoor venue and indoor venue are closer together, like in most cities.

A stadium downtown would make the city expand the streetcar and make public transportation easier for out-of-town fans. It would also eliminate the high costs of parking, no huge parking lot owned by the team and it would make the walk from downtown to the stadium a reality. Also, the cost to taxpayers would go to improving the city’s infrastructure with the streetcar and it would help the people who live downtown.

Lastly, the most important benefit of moving the location to downtown would mean a brand new stadium that could have a dome connected to it. The Hunts have made several bids to host the Super Bowl, even trying to get a big dome over the top of Arrowhead, but building from scratch could make it a reality. A brand new domed stadium in the heart of the City of Fountains would be a great way to secure the Super Bowl. It also could bring back other large events like the Final Four, College Football Playoff, and possibly host an annual bowl game downtown.

Arrowhead will always be sacred in the heart of Kansas Citians and will be acknowledged as one of the best sporting venues in the entire world. It may take years for the move to happen, but with it being brought up by many members apart of the organization, the fans should prepare for the move.

The organization is starting to gain more popularity and with the team starting to have more primetime games, it makes sense for the team to invest in a new stadium and move to an area that is more beneficial for fans and even the team in general. After seeing the expansion the Buffalo Bills are planning, many teams may being to follow suit and with the NFL revenue increasing each year, we will begin seeing these teams take advantage of that and improving their organizations as a whole.