Are the Chiefs Buyers in the trade market?

The Kansas City Chiefs were able to create cap space after restructuring Frank Clark’s contract and traded all-time pro-bowler Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins. With having that much flexibility for this off-season, does this make KC buyers in the trade market?

The Chiefs recently made some moves to clear up cap space, which put the fan base in disbelief, but was worth it for the future of the franchise. KC traded away star receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins for a slew of draft picks and also created almost $30M in cap space. This trade going through put the Chiefs in a position to make moves in free agency and in the trade market. With the draft coming up and the free agency still in full throttle, KC can make a couple of moves to help strengthen position needs and find potential starters for the next upcoming season.

The Chiefs have the most draft picks in this year’s draft and more than likely they will use some picks to package offers to handle the roster needs. Even though they will be using some of those picks from the trade of Hill, they will still have a ton of compensation and still be aggressive in pursuing individuals this off-season. Here are some potential trades to look out for and who could potentially become Chiefs this off-season.

Rumors have been circulating that KC has inquired about cornerback James Bradberry from the New York Giants to fill the void of Charvarious Ward after he signed with the 49ers. Since Bradberry is not worth a 1st round pick, the Chiefs could package some late-round picks to bring over the veteran DB to start adding bodies to that defensive back room. Another name I would still like to keep alive is Josh Allen from the Jaguars. He is an edge rusher who is worth a 1st round pick, and with KC having two of those, they could package another pick to where they still have one 1st round pick left and fill the next important need this roster is looking for.

Allen would be a hard trade to pull off and will eventually cost a lot of money after his rookie contract is up, however he is the edge rusher the Chiefs need to fix the pass rush. Many options are available, but those particular players stand out to me with the Chiefs having cap space to play with and offer to these certain players.

The Chiefs are buyers in the trade market now. Will they make a move?

No one knows, however, after making some tough decisions this offseason, the Chiefs can now have flexibility in the market to make splash moves. This is the first off-season where Veach has room to breathe and this is only the beginning for the Chiefs this off-season.