Kansas City Chiefs Trade Tyreek Hill to Miami Dolphins

In a stuning turn of events, Tyreek Hill is now a member of the Miami Dolphins

Well, this wasn’t how I was expecting my Wednesday to go, but here we are.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins have agreed on a trade to send Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins for 5 Draft picks over the next two seasons. 

Now, what does that mean for the Chiefs? It means it gives the Chiefs a good month to evaluate the trade market, free agency, and the draft to find a replacement. The Chiefs have been relying on extending Tyreek before making more moves this offseason and that was totally derailed as talks stalled last week. 

According to multiple sources, talks stalled on the 16-17th of March and it didn’t seem like the Chiefs and Hill’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, could reach the right number. Then on the 18th of March, Davante Adams was traded to the Raiders and signed the largest wide receiver contract in the history of football, nearly netting 120 million dollars with 30 million dollars per season. So the Chiefs went back to work to try to extend Tyreek so that they could still compensate the receiver and still be competitive in the AFC West, and then on Tuesday, Tyreek Hill and his agent asked for a trade.

So this morning, the Chiefs were in talks with two teams, the Jets and Dolphins, to trade for Tyreek Hill. There were multiple rumors where the Chiefs might have received the #10 overall pick or three first-round selections for Tyreek Hill, but it was mostly heresy by media people on the outside. Ultimately the compensation was five draft choices in the 2022 and 2023 NFL Draft. 

Now there are two reactions, one is to say the Chiefs got fleeced and that Brett Veach is a bad GM, and the other is that Tyreek has an ego too big for him to have wanted to stay. I think the truth is somewhere out there and we will not know for months what really happened for months to come. 

From what it sounds like is, Tyreek wanted a lot more guaranteed money than the Chiefs could have given him and so that took the Chiefs out of the race in keeping him long term. Tyreek and Veach agreed to waive Tyreek’s no trade clause and the Chiefs were able to get some compensation in losing Tyreek Hill. 

There is no real reason to get angry at Tyreek Hill or the Chiefs in this situation, even though most media outlets will try to make you pick a side. It’s a business and this will be a good business deal for both sides in the long run. The Chiefs offense got younger and will look to add a younger piece at wide receiver and Tyreek is now the highest-paid receiver in the history of the league. Also, this gives the Chiefs the flexibility to make a big move with all of the assets they received, so be on the lookout for the Chiefs to make a big move in the next couple of weeks.