Veach set to make BIG TRADE for Superstar DE

With free agency well underway and the Chiefs seemingly falling behind in the AFC Arms Race, is Veach waiting for the right time for a major trade?

After 2 solid signings in an otherwise lackluster FA period for the Chiefs, Brett Veach is set to make a BIG move before the 2022 NFL Draft. Over his tenure as the Chiefs GM, Veach has made a name for himself by being one of the most aggressive GMs in the league. Since he was hired in 2017 he’s traded more 1st round picks than he’s used to picking players. Given Veach’s propensity for trading away draft assets for proven talent (and his promise to revamp the defensive line), I believe that Veach will make another “NFL shaking” trade before the NFL draft on April 28th. With that in mind, let’s look at the most likely DE trade targets for the Chiefs.

Montez Sweat (WSH)

Why it would work

Even though Sweat sat out 7 games in 2021 he was still fairly productive, totaling 5 sacks in 10 games. Sweat is also a young player (25) on the last year of his rookie contract, but he will need to be paid after his 5th year option in 2023. This not only incentivizes WSH (who might be wary of giving him a long-term deal) to trade him but provides KC with the cap flexibility needed to sign their 2022 draft class, and sign more free agents in other positions of need. Finally, Sweat is primed for a breakout season in 2022. His freakish athleticism and size make him a matchup nightmare for tackles on 3rd and long, and his ability to take on and shed blocks allows him to easily set the edge on running downs.

Why it might not

Even though Sweat has gotten better over his NFL career, his sack production might be due (at least in part) to the talent surrounding him on Washington’s stud defensive line. Sweat’s current contract might also play a part in what Washington is going to want in return and while Veach has no problem trading draft capital for proven talent, he will not overspend on a player he doesn’t fully trust. Finally, Sweat’s lack of pressures and QB hits is a little worrisome. Now it could be due to the serious talent surrounding him in WSH, but this might not be a risk KC is willing to take.

Danielle Hunter (MIN)

Why it would work

First and foremost, Danielle Hunter is a proven pass rush commodity that would greatly improve any defensive line in the league. His sack production, pressures, QB hits, and tackle totals are all in the upper echelon of edge players. His stoutness against the run, overall motor, and mentality are also incredibly great. Even after his injuries in 2020 & 2021, he was still incredibly productive (6 sacks in 7 games). The dude has no holes in his game. Oh, and his cap number for the next two years would be insanely cheap if the Chiefs were to trade for him ($7 mil in 2022 & $8 mil in 2023). If KC were to somehow add this monster to their defensive line it would improve them from liability to KC’s biggest defensive strength.

Why it might not

Because the Chiefs waited to make a move for him after his $18 mil roster bonus (in this scenario) had to be paid, the Vikings are on the hook for most of his salary in 2022. Given that the cap hit for Hunter’s new team went down dramatically after this, the trade value for Hunter has to have risen substantially (at least a 1st round pick). Hunter has also only played 7 games in the last 2 years due to a herniated disk in his neck in 2020, as well as a torn pectoral muscle in 2021. These injuries do not necessarily indicate that he will be more susceptible to future injuries, but if they have not healed properly they could provide a problem in the future. Finally, Hunter will want a new contract as soon as possible so the Chiefs will have to be willing to break the bank if they want to keep him long-term.

Josh Allen (JAX)

Why it would work

Former 1st round pick Josh Allen was a unique prospect coming into the league and has largely lived up to the lofty expectations placed upon him. His 3 years in the league have been kind of up and down but his talent and production are undisputable. Allen’s physical tools and frame would be perfect for Spags’ system, and his pass-rushing ability would provide Chris Jones with the much-needed help he has been longing for since Clark’s dominant postseason run in 2019. Finally, Allen is still on his rookie deal, leaving his cap hit in 2022 at a mere $7.2 million. This would not only allow the Chiefs to spend more on free agents in 2022 but would keep them from having to restructure another player’s contract. Keeping the cap hit on future years down.

Why it might not

Josh Allen will need a contract extension by the end of the 2022 season and it will be massive. Allen’s low cap hit this year will also make the cost to obtain him fairly high (at least a 2nd round pick). He has also struggled with a knee injury, as well as a shoulder injury that has kept him out 9 games over the past 2 seasons. While I don’t believe Allen to be a risky trade option at this point, his injuries are something to monitor. Finally, Allen’s lack of leadership in Jacksonville is hard to set aside. I understand that Jacksonville isn’t the most stable franchise, but even guys like Miles Garrett and JJ Watt came into dysfunctional franchises and became vocal leaders.

In Conclusion

While Veach has plenty of more options to choose from, they mustn’t go into the 2022 season without a stable set of pass rushers. With the AFC loading up to take out the Chiefs the importance of this offseason can not be understated but don’t worry. Veach is an aggressive owner, that prides himself on taking advantage of other franchises and getting the best team on the field he possibly can. There’s still plenty of offseason left and even though the outlook seems bleak right now stand by these words. IN VEACH WE TRUST.