Should the Chiefs sign or draft a wide receiver?

One of the bigger questions the Chiefs will have to answer this offseason is who will be playing next to Tyreek Hill.

There are plenty of questions for the Chiefs in this offseason, many fans are curious what the Chiefs are going to do in free agency, are they going to rebuild the defense, or are they going to go all-in to get a Super Bowl. The wide receiver position for the Chiefs is one of the issues where the Chiefs are going to need help. So what is the solution here? Should the Chiefs go after a wide receiver in the first round or should they go and get and get one in free agency? Here is my solution for going either route for the Chiefs.

Free Agency: Amari Cooper

It sounds like the Dallas Cowboys are planning on releasing Amari Cooper as free agency begins due to “lack of production,” and that should pique the interest of Brett Veech. Cooper has been one of the most consistent wide receivers in the league year in and year out. The main reason the Cowboys are releasing him is that they want to keep Ezekiel Elliot’s contract and don’t want to pay Cooper the money he’s due in 2022. 

So since the Cowboys will be paying Cooper most of his 2022 salary, the Chiefs can definitely afford to pay the wideout from Alabama to a contract that won’t break the bank. Cooper was a standout wide receiver during his time with the Raiders and Cowboys, and only had a small dip in production this past season due to the ascension of CeeDee Lamb. Cooper is still an incredible wide receiver who should command a lot of respect.

He’d fit perfectly in Kansas City due to his skill set and his willingness to play as the one or two receiver and he’d be great next to Tyreek Hill in the offense. Cooper would bring a length to the offense which has been lacking since Sammy Watkins left and Cooper doesn’t have the injury concerns of other free-agent wide receivers that are currently on the market.

Draft: Chris Olave

The other option is to go and get the wide receiver of the future in the draft and that would be Ohio State’s Chris Olave. Olave was a standout at THE Ohio State University where he amassed over 2,500 yards and an Ohio State record of 35 receiving touchdowns while not having a single fumble over three seasons. Olave was able to continually make plays while at Ohio State and helped Quarterback Justin Fields and Dwayne Haskins reach new career highs while in Columbus. 

Olave was instrumental in the Buckeye’s offense, whether it was catching screens or catching deep balls with defenders draped all over him. Olave was able to transition from playing the one receiver to the two receivers and has even been the third option. He’s a versatile receiver who can move around and be comfortable in any position, he has soft hands which allowed him to be so effective against physical Big Ten defenders throughout his time at Ohio State. 

Olave would fit in nicely with the receivers the Chiefs already have in Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman, he would bring a new type of skill set among the speedsters and even provide relief to Mahomes. Olave is a fairly tall receiver at 6-foot-1 and can go and get contested catches regularly, so if he’s singled up due to the defense doubling Hill and/or Kelce he can win those matchups.

Olave would be the ideal first-round Wide Receiver option for the Kansas City Chiefs but I would think the Chiefs would rather go after Amari Cooper when he hits free agency in March.