Should the Chiefs extend Orlando Brown Jr?

The Chiefs just franchised tagged 3-time Pro-Bowler Orlando Brown. With the tag in place, will Kansas City get the long-term deal done to stay with the Chiefs?

After Brown was traded to KC last off-season, both sides agreed to wait on a contract extension. Before free agency hit this year, the Chiefs made sure to franchise tag Brown before teams started to express interest in the Pro Bowler. This past season, Brown was a major addition to the front line for the Chiefs. Having another pro-bowl caliber season, Brown was rated as one of the most efficient left tackles this season per Pro Football Focus. Since the 2021 season was Brown’s first season at left tackle, he will want to be paid like a left tackle, which has made some people hesitant to offer him top dollar. Brown had an outstanding first season in Kansas City, but he has areas of improvement.

Years before Brown came, many grew to love Fisher, who was somewhat in the same situation as Brown being a right tackle forced to move to left which ended up working out, however, Fisher was more athletic and was able to grow as a left tackle in the Chiefs system. Brown’s upside is so much higher than Fisher, in my opinion, and I feel he will end up being one of the best in his position in the next couple of years.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ goal this off-season regardless of the franchise tag is to sign Brown. I feel this tag was to keep him from testing the market and for KC to have full control of getting this deal done as soon as possible. The reason KC should be getting this deal done as soon as possible is that once Brown is on a long-term deal, you would have your left side of the line locked up and you still have last year’s rookies who were impressive still on rookie deals. It was great for KC to franchise tag Brown, but I think the left tackle will not be completely satisfied until he has a long-term deal, which he would love to stay in KC and protect our $500 million dollar quarterback. Brown is well-deserving of the extension and I can’t wait until this deal is done and the Chiefs can focus on retooling the defensive side of the ball.