Should the Chiefs trade for an edge rusher?

After having a disappointing start to the season with a lack of a pass rush, the Chiefs were able to acquire Melvin Ingram before the trade deadline. With Ingram being a free agent this off-season and the Chiefs looking to either trade or release Frank Clark, who is a valuable trade option for the Chiefs?

With the new year league approaching and the NFL Draft set to kick off next month, teams are beginning to get ready and look for new additions to add to the team or to let some beloved individuals go. After a lopsided year on both sides of the ball for the Chiefs, they are looking to add more talent and retool the defense to put themselves back in the Super Bowl. One area the Chiefs are focused on this off-season is getting an edge rusher to help generate pressure on the outside. One rumor that has consistently been buzzing is the Chiefs looking to trade for defensive end Josh Allen for the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the possibility of having to give up a first-round pick, the Chiefs could potentially package Clark in the deal giving a later-round pick as well to get the young elite edge rusher from Jacksonville. Would this be a smart move for the Chiefs?

Going after Allen would be a great addition to the Chiefs’ defensive line. This would be a smart move for KC because they would be getting younger on the defensive line and adding a first-round talent that they probably could not find in this year’s draft. With the Chiefs having late-round picks, it makes that pick expandable and takes the risk of trading it for potential generational talent.

There are not many options in free agency and although KC more than likely will try to re-sign Ingram, having someone opposite of him young and explosive could spark the outside pass rush we’ve been missing since the departure of Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. This solution to a pass rush that needs retooling could put the Chiefs back ahead and be a start to rebuilding a top-ten defense. With Hitchens out and Bolton stepping in to be a full-time starter next season, we could see a young defensive unit that will be electrifying and gain the respect defensively that they had during their Super Bowl run in 2020. Veach has a lot to think about and has to make tough decisions this off-season, but if anyone could pull some strings and have some jaw-dropping moves in the next months, Brett Veach is more than capable to take that chance.