Is Nagy going to help the offense?

After a lot of confusion at the playcalling in the AFC Championship Game and the loss of Mike Kafka to the Giants, the Kansas City Chiefs chose to reunite with former OC Matt Nagy.

Matt Nagy has reunited with Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs and is the new Quarterbacks and Senior Assistant Head Coach, after a brief 3 season stint as the head coach in Chicago.

Nagy, 43, was with the Chiefs for five seasons from 2013 through 2017, finishing as offensive coordinator in his final season when Alex Smith was the starter and Patrick Mahomes was a rookie. After a catastrophic run at the helm of the Bears, Nagy will have to prove his worth with Patrick Mahomes.

However, we already know Patrick Mahomes has enjoyed working with Matt Nagy and it could appease the tensions we have heard so far between the young star quarterback and some people from the offensive coaching staff.

And reportedly, Patrick Mahomes is very excited to work with Matt Nagy again, according to the report from Josina Anderson, and it will be interesting to see how Nagy could impact the Chiefs offense. The front office is also hoping Mahomes’ old mentor could bring out the best in the 26-year-old quarterback. When he was in Kansas City, Nagy was seen as the “Quarterback Whisperer” and maybe it will help fix the sloppy mistakes Mahomes had throughout the season.

“I think he relates to quarterbacks so well,” said Mahomes to reporters before the Chiefs’ 2018 preseason game vs. the Bears. “Especially the young guys. He’s been through the process. He’s tried to make a career of his own as a quarterback then moved over to coaching. Just having someone that has been through that process and knows how to relate to the young guys and especially the quarterback position will help you really understand the offense and really understand what the defenses are trying to get.”

Another thing that the sports media talked about is how predictable the offense was this season, could Nagy help fix this issue? Could he share some play-calling duties along with Eric Bieniemy and Reid?

One thing is for sure, Nagy went safe in going back to Kansas City and to be under Andy Reid, who helped Nagy turn into an NFL head coach. Nagy was with the Philadelphia Eagles from 2008 to 2012 under Reid and eventually became offensive quality control coach. Nagy also moved to the Chiefs when Reid joined the team, so he and Coach Reid have a great work relationship.

With Nagy bringing a ton of experience to this staff, he will be nothing but an asset to the Chiefs’ offense as he and Andy Reid have a great relationship. Hopefully, he can help bridge the gap in the offense which can make it more effective as the Chiefs try to get back to the Super Bowl in 2022.