Should Free Agent QB’s come to the AFC?

The AFC has a ton of QB’s in the AFC that are great and could potentially lead their respected franchises to a Super Bowl one year, should free agent QB’s come to the AFC to chase a ring?

To make a long story short, QB’s whose contracts are coming up and are forcing trades, should not come to the AFC. With Mahomes leading the way and Josh Allen coming right behind him, there is too much competition that will make the task difficult. The gauntlet of the AFC means you have to go through Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and Patrick Mahomes at the bare minimum. And you still have Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert to go through, who are extremely talented and have tons of accolades in their young careers. Also, with the Texans hiring Lovie Smith as their new head coach, there is a chance Deshaun Watson can play in Houston until his contract expires.

There have been plenty of rumors about Aaron Rodgers being traded to Denver, but would that be enough for Rodgers to get over that hump? Being in the AFC West with Mahomes and Herbert will be a tough challenge for Rodgers, there is a chance he wouldn’t win a division title and would have to fight for a wild card spot for the remaining years of his country. At his age, it would be best for him to stay in the NFC, and with Brady gone, he has a chance to redeem himself and at least try to get one more championship before retiring.

Russell Wilson has been another name mentioned that could potentially be on the move, even though he is not linked to an AFC team at this moment. Wilson had a strong start to his career and was able to get a Lombardi, however, after that SB win he has declined from there. Going to the AFC would make it even tougher for this vet and it would be a greater chance of him not making it to the playoffs compared to winning another Super Bowl.

The AFC is loaded with young talent at the QB position and many are trying to become the dominant force in the AFC like Tom Brady. With the potential that resides in the AFC and a lot of those guys being hungry, it would make no sense for a Free Agent QB or a vet looking to go for one more run to come to the opposing conference. In my opinion this off-season, guys like Wilson and Rodgers need to re-evaluate their options and determine who in the NFC has the most potential and force their way into a different setting the NFC. With all QB’s being under 26 in the AFC, there will be a battle for years that is already established in that conference.