Mock Draft 1.0

Now that we are onto the offseason, it’s time for the first mock draft!

Round 1 Pick 30

Daxton Hill – Safety/Nickel – Michigan

With Daniel Sorenson more than likely gone and Tyrann Mathieu being a question mark it wouldn’t surprise me if the Chiefs go for a versatile replacement in the first round. Daxton Hill was a key figure in the secondary of the Michigan Wolverines in their College Football Playoff run. Hill would line up at free and strong safety along with playing nickel in certain sets in Michigan’s defense.

Hill’s versatility is what stands out in the film on him, he can line up in multiple positions and thrive. Hill could play down in the box on run sets, single high, and thrived setting up in the slot against a slot receiver. He would be perfect for Spags’ system which sometimes utilizes the safeties as extra corners and has the safeties replace corners when the corners blitz.

He also would work in the three safety looks that Spags runs, he would be a valuable asset if the Chiefs bring back Mathieu because he is fast enough to cover receivers and has a big enough body to handle some tight ends. 

Round 2 Pick 35 (Projected trade with the Jets for pick 62, 94)

Drake Jackson – EDGE – USC

With a trade in the top of the second round, I have the Chiefs selecting Drake Jackson out of USC. Jackson would fill a must-need for the Chiefs and could turn out to be a stud along with the front four, he is strong enough to handle big tackles and fast enough to get around on the edge. He brings crazy athleticism at his position, he reminds me of a tanker version of Bud Dupree. 

Jackson would be big for Kansas City as the Chiefs probably move on from Frank Clark and will try to rebuild the defensive line to create more pressure. Even if the Chiefs are going to go after some key edge rushers in free agency, a younger prospect would be important to fill out the rotation at a bare minimum. Jackson could provide huge upside to a defensive line unit that struggled with pressures in the playoffs and if he turns out to play at a high level, the Chiefs should be sitting pretty in the AFC.

Round 3 Pick 102

Travis Jones – DT – UCONN

If the Chiefs can keep this pick at the bottom of the third round I think the Chiefs keep going to help stock the defensive line. Travis Jones is a defensive tackle who has a high ceiling, he is a great gap filler, he takes on double teams and with the raw strength he has, he can beat the double teams and get to the ball carrier. Travis Jones is a very raw talent and he won’t start right away but he could be a great asset next to Chris Jones and even next to Khalen Saunders.

Jones would be a project, but he could prove to be important in the rotation as the Chiefs are trying to get their defensive line back to the place they want to be. Jones has a lot of great traits in the passing game, often it’s him lined up dead on the center or just to the right or left of the center, he isn’t a sexy prospect but he could be useful to clog up holes and take on multiple blockers along the defensive line.

Round 4 Pick 134

Justyn Ross – WR- Clemson

The Chiefs are going to need to go after a second option at the wide receiver position and this is the sweet spot for Brett Veach, he has hit on fourth-round picks over the years. I think Justyn Ross is no different, he has all of the attributes that you would want out of a tall body wide out. Ross is a 6-foot-4 wide receiver out of Clemson and he didn’t put up the best stats in his senior season with the Tigers due to a broken foot.

Ross routinely had to dive at the ground for a ball thrown by Clemson’s young QB and he only had three touchdowns, but Clemson had problems on offense all year. Ross is one of these prospects who would be a great fit for the Chiefs, at his height and skill set. I think the Chiefs get a wide receiver in free agency but it would only help Kansas City to get more quality depth on the roster. Ross probably doesn’t have the top-tier speed the Chiefs would like to have at the wideout, but he can provide the route running and has amazing hands. Ross is going to be a quality player when he gets in the league and fits the mold for the Chiefs. 

Round 6 Pick 189

Britain Covey – WR/Returner – Utah

If you watched the Rose Bowl you probably know who Britain Covey is, he was the speedy returner who got a 97-yard kick return against the Ohio State team in the Rose Bowl. 

Covey isn’t a flashy name or a big get, but he is a great route runner and has afterburners to beat defenders after the catch. Covey would be an ideal slot receiver and can take the heat off of some other receivers due to his speed, he ran an unofficial 4.45 seconds last season and he was one of the best returners in all of college football when he was at Utah. 

I didn’t have an idea who the Chiefs would pick in the seventh round, but keep your eyes out on Arrowhead Live’s socials to see more on draft coverage as we get closer to the Draft in April.