Should the Chiefs re-sign Eric Bieniemy?

The Chiefs offensive coordinator is not under contract for the 2022-2023 season and could possibly have coached his last year in KC.

Eric Bieniemy is meeting with the New Orleans Saints Sunday for a chance to be their next head coach next season after the departure of Sean Payton. With the possibility of him taking the position, many Chiefs fans are wondering should we try to re-sign the coach EB. I believe the Chiefs would not mind bringing him back however, he deserves a shot to run his team next season after having great years in Kansas City as the OC. Although Bieniemy is a beloved role model in the Chief’s locker room, I feel KC should leave the door open for him if things do not work out this off-season in his favor. Reid and Bieniemy are one of the best pairs we have seen in a head coach and offensive coordinator these past years and Bieniemy’s growth has been exponential year after year. Working with one of the best offensive-minded coaches in the league puts him in the driver seat for occupying a head coaching position this off-season and without a doubt makes him the best available option for any organization looking for a coach that can change the culture in their locker rooms.

I feel Bieniemy has not had a chance to become a head coach in the NFL yet is because many organizations wonder if he was doing the main play-calling throughout the years under Andy Reid. Even though it feels like that should not be the reason he loses the position, front offices have their preferences of what makes them feel an individual is right for the job. If NFL teams continue to pass him on the position, KC should continue to bring him back to KC until proven otherwise. His relationship with his offensive players and guys in the locker room makes him the perfect fit for the Chief’s locker room and proves why he deserves to stay in KC. People feel he should wait to Andy Reid retires and take over the job in KC, however with Mahomes more than likely staying in the league for 15 plus years, it’s safe to say Reid will be coaching unless an unfortunate event occurs and forces him to early retirement, making it unlikely Bieniemy the next head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. Bieniemy’s resume speaks for himself after having one of the best offenses in the league year in and year out, making him a great option to be an HC elsewhere or even returning to KC for another year running the offense for Mahomes and company.

If KC has a chance to re-sign Bieniemy this off-season they better jump on it quickly, however since he has done his part for the last years taking over the OC vacancy in 2018, it’s long overdue for him to be a head coach in the NFL. Even though I would love for him to stay in KC for another year, I think it’s time for the coach EB to part ways and focus on being a head coach next year. There is a strong chance Bieniemy is given the Saints head coaching vacancy after his meeting on Sunday, and I feel it’s time for the Chiefs offensive coordinator to spread his wings and take up a new challenge next season being a head coach for one of these organizations looking to rebuild with a strong-minded and respectable coach in their respective locker rooms.