The Best Moment of the 2021 Season for Kansas City

The end of the season for the Chiefs was bittersweet.

The whole season was surely not a big success, but the team reacted well along the way. They just lacked a little bit of confidence and poise to go to a third Superbowl in a row.

There’s no denying that fighting back from a 3-4 start to the season to somehow host three playoff games is pretty major but in the end, it did not matter. The disappointment was there because everyone believed they could go to the Superbowl in Los Angeles.

The expectations are high now for Patrick Mahomes and co, and I still remember the times when going to the playoffs was already a success.

That is not the case anymore because the team is built to win, and let’s be sure this failure will fuel them to come back even angrier next season.

So it is not surprising the best moment of the season is the playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. They had everything, they looked powerful, consistent, confident. Final score: Chiefs 42, Bills 36.

It was an epic battle between two great teams ending with a Mahomes to Travis Kelce touchdown in overtime. The Bills played incredibly well and held a lead with 13 seconds left in regulation. That was enough time for the Chiefs to kick a field goal and force overtime. The Chiefs never gave up, and never panicked, it was almost perfection in the offense.

Well, obviously when the defense concedes 36 points, we cannot define it as perfect, but it did not matter. The show was in offense, and the Allen / Mahomes match was the best of the best. It actually should have been the Superbowl game…Yes, it was that good of a game!

Butker’s field goal at the end of the regular time was just the high point of the most amazing and craziest two minutes of the several past years in the NFL.

In two minutes, there were three lead changes and a tie. Twenty-five points total. Allen finished the day with 329 passing yards and four touchdowns, Mahomes with 378 passing yards and three touchdowns. Neither quarterback threw an interception. Bills wideout Gabriel Davis finished with an NFL postseason record in yards. Mahomes made impossible throws, as usual, the magic was back. Allen did not blush, showed his skills, and his status as an elite QB.

Two minutes to shape a historic game of the NFL, that will be for sure rescheduled for the years to come.

Special mentions though for the two amazing games against the AFC West rivals that kind of woke up the team: thanks Las Vegas Raiders. Those games cannot be defined as the best moment of the season, but they had a real momentum for the Chiefs team.

Let’s move on now, and think about 2022.