Who are the Chiefs worried about in this Bengals rematch?

Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase had one of their best performances against Kansas City and are looking to have the same result Sunday in Arrowhead. Should the Chiefs fear this duo again in the AFC Championship Game?

Ja’Marr Chase

In the previous meeting against the Chiefs, Chase had a total of 11 catches for 266 yards and three touchdowns, Throughout, the entire afternoon, Chase destroyed the Chiefs’ secondary and there was no answer to stop him. With his body frame, speed, and big hands Chase will always be a problem to opposing defensive backs. In this upcoming matchup, the Bengals will look to stick with the same game plan and give Chase opportunities throughout the game if they continue to keep him in single coverage.

Even though Spagnuolo likes to switch up his coverages and send pressure with his DB’s, expect the veteran defensive coordinator to keep someone overtop to eliminate the big play opportunities from that young QB-WR duo for the Bengals. With the offensive line being a weak point for the Bengals, the Chiefs will have the advantage up front to attack Burrow and keep Chase from having a big game. If the secondary doesn’t allow Chase to get behind the third level and keep everything in front of them, they will be able to shut this explosive offense down.

Joe Burrow

Burrow had a phenomenal game in the Week 17 victory against the Chiefs. He went 30/39 with 446 yards and four touchdowns as they were able to beat KC in the final moments. The Chiefs have to be more aware in this upcoming matchup because Burrow is the reason the Bengals had made this far this year and his composure and motivation as a young QB are unmatched. Burrow is elusive, he knows how to climb the pocket, and he is confidence pushes this unit to be as great as they have been. With the depth of their offensive line and the line being the worst unit on the offense this year due to injury, the Chiefs have to take advantage and get pressure with their front 4.

With Jones being able to cause havoc in the middle and Clark and Ingram on the edge, the defensive line of the Chiefs should have a big game and be the reason Burrow has a long afternoon in Kansas City. The offensive line gave up 9 sacks Sunday and Burrow did not score as much due to that. If the Chiefs can put up similar results and the offense capitalizing off of 3 and outs or turnovers, that could wreck the Burrow confidence early and have complete control throughout the whole game. The Chiefs do not need to sleep on this young QB and offense because of the talent they are surrounded with and the growth they have shown throughout these playoffs being able to break the Bengals curse and make it to their first AFC Championship game since 1989. Burrow will have a day if the Chiefs play as they did in week 17, however, if it is a similar result from last Sunday where the offensive line had a horrible game, Burrow and company chances of winning are very slim.

These two players are the ones who gave Kansas City the most problems in week 17 this year. With the year they had, it’s easy to say these are the guys you should be worried about in this AFC Conference Championship game if you are the Chiefs. If the defense for KC can go back to what they were midway through the season until the end of the regular season and the offense show up like they have the last two games, Burrow and Chase would not be able to put up the numbers they did in the last meeting. I feel this Chiefs team will show up and ball out and the Bengals will fall in this huge moment due to inexperience and playing a well-experienced organization that hosted four straight Conference Championship games.