Steelers – Chiefs Recap

The Kansas City Chiefs soundly routed the Pittsburgh Steelers 42-21 on Sunday Night Football in Ben Roethlisberger’s last game.

The Kansas City Chiefs won their 8th playoff game in four years as they took down the Steelers  42-21 in the Wild Card Round. The Steelers came into Arrowhead trying to play spoiler for the Chiefs in their chase for another AFC Title, it only lasted a quarter. The Steelers and Chiefs were trading three and outs for the first fifteen minutes and then the Steelers forced two turnovers, one being returned for a touchdown by TJ Watt. 

It was hard for the Chiefs fans to understand what was happening early in this game, the Chiefs ran a wildcat, fumbled the ball, and had thrown an interception. Then the Chiefs let Mahomes be Mahomes, letting him throw the ball all over the place and the Chiefs never looked back. 

Mahomes threw five touchdowns in just over eleven minutes of game time, thoroughly putting the game away in the third quarter. The first touchdown was an underhand push pass to McKinnon on the old “sausage special” play from last year. Jerick McKinnon had an extremely efficient game running and receiving the ball and was a nice wrinkle for the Chiefs running game as they were struggling with injuries at the position. 

The second touchdown was a beautiful touchdown throw to Byron Pringle in the corner of the end zone, Pringle had another up and down game, but has been the most consistent second option at wide receiver this season. Pringle will have to be a big factor as the Chiefs play Buffalo. Byron Pringle has been showing up in the latter part of the season and if that trend can keep up, he will be a big factor as the Chiefs move on in the postseason. 

The final touchdown of the first half was almost a buzzer-beater to Travis Kelce, a beautiful toss to Kelce who raced down for a touchdown. Kelce had two total touchdowns on the day and is one 100 yard game short of tying the great Jerry Rice for the most 100 yard games in postseason history. It was nice to see Kelce get loose against a fairly decent defense in Pittsburgh, Kelce will be huge if the Chiefs want to beat Buffalo and it is nice to see him play one of his best games of the season in the playoffs. 

An offensive lineman Nick Allegretti caught the next touchdown and it was a festive celebration for all. It was really fun to see the Chiefs pull out all of the stops for the postseason, they hadn’t been as creative this season due to the turnover problems the Chiefs offense had been facing. Finally, the last touchdown by Mahomes was a classic go-route by Tyreek Hill and it was the nail in the coffin.

The final TD of the game was a classic Kelce Wildcat play, Kelce threw a dime to Byron Pringle and could have easily have thrown the ball to Patrick Mahomes but hit the slant route to Pringle. 

The Chiefs’ defense had a fairly decent night and there weren’t any big issues or glaring problems with how they played the Steelers. The Steelers offense didn’t score until late in the third quarter and waning moments of the fourth quarter. The Steelers’ offense was not explosive as they were quarterbacked by Ben Roethlisberger in his last career game. The Steelers were able to get some plays in the end zone but it was against the backups and the game was all but put away. 

The Chiefs easily won this game and will have time to get ready for the best game of the next round of games as they will face the Buffalo Bills who had a perfect offensive game against the Patriots. Get your popcorn waiting as Arrowhead Live will get you ready for the Divisional Round.