Who stood out in the Chiefs win against the Broncos

The Chiefs were able to escape Denver with a victory against a Broncos team that was looking to spoil the Chiefs place in the playoffs. Here are a couple of players who stood out against the Broncos from Saturday.

Saturday night the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos to keep themselves at the No. 2 Seed in the AFC, which they will face the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night in Kansas City. After a tough matchup with their divisional rivals, there were a few players that stood out that we should like out for more in the playoffs. Mecolde Hardman, Melvin Ingram, and Jerick McKinnon were guys that step up big when needed to help the Chiefs get out of Mile High with victory.

Hardman had 8 catches for 100 yards fueling the offense with the limited reps Hill had, along with Ingram making a game-saving turnover, which led to a Nick Bolton scoop and score that put the Chiefs back over the Broncos. Also, McKinnon was activated from the IR and replaced Edward-Helaire as he is out due to a shoulder injury, McKinnon made some splash plays that caught the key of the coaches and fans as he was able to score an impressive touchdown coming out the half for KC. These individuals were the guys who stood out to me in that victory and I will let you know what to expect going forward as we enter the playoffs this next week.

Mecole Hardman

Mecole Hardman who was projected to be the number 2 wideout in KC this upcoming season, who had did not meet expectations this year had a phenomenal outing in Denver Saturday afternoon. He was able to reel in 8 catches totaling 100 yards and having key plays that extended drives for this Chiefs offense. With Hill on limited reps due to that Quad injury, Hardman capitalize by making key catches and moving the chains that fueled the offense something that is usually asked from Hill or Kelce that made you think he could have a surprising postseason where he could put up career numbers. Although he has not been a deep threat we thought he would turn out to be, his strong point in this explosive offense has been the screen game. With KC, using the screen game as another form of their run game, Hardman will continue to get reps and be able to blow doors open for the offense when asked to do it. If they stay committed to his strengths and continue to sprinkle this throughout the game plan along the way, it will make the offense thrive more efficiently as we saw when it is working.

Jerick McKinnon

Another guy, who had a good outing offensively was Jerick McKinnon. After coming off of IR, and taking snaps in his first game back, he still had the quickness and explosiveness the Chiefs needed in the backfield that they lacked while he was out. With him being scrappy and fighting for every yard with his size, it wears down opposing defenses and makes the pace of the offense flow due to being able to control the rhythm of the drive. Going into the playoffs, KC will need to use more of him to give guys like Clyde and Williams a break who takes most of the snaps at RB for KC.

Melvin Ingram

Lastly, Ingram once again had another game where he made an impact to wake up the KC defense. After having a hard time in the first half and Drew Locke rushing for two touchdowns, the defense looked lost and out of whack to begin the game. after their first two stops to start the game. Late in the third quarter, Ingram was able to make a clutch turnover that was a big hit on former teammate Melvin Gordon, that led to a Nick Bolton scoop and score that put the Chiefs back up 28-21 on the Broncos, Totaling on 4 tackles in an outing against Denver, Ingram aggressiveness and will to finish a play thrived in a big moment for KC that helped them run away with a victory in Mile High. Ingram has been one of the best off-season acquisitions for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his elite playmaking will have a big effect this January and February for a team that is looking to reclaim their crown in the NFL.

These few players stood out to me in the win against the Denver Broncos this past weekend. Each player has a role that will be significant in this upcoming postseason as the Chiefs look to go back to the Super Bowl for the third straight year. Both units have displayed significant growth and resilience this season, which made the Chiefs one of the best teams in the AFC still. Look out for these players being having major roles this postseason and possibly being the reason we have a deep run these next months.