Week 14 predictions around the NFL

Week 14 is going to be a fun one around the league and I hope I can choose right as there are no guaruntees in the NFL.

Week 14 is a make it or break it week for some teams and for other a win is needed to keep pace in the conference picture. Here are my predictions for every Week 14 game sans Thursday Night’s weird game.

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Football Team

Cowboys have had a rough couple of weeks in this season and Washington has been playing extremely solid football recently. It should be interesting to see if WFT and Taylor Heineke can keep up with the Cowboys but I think the WFT pulls it out in the end with the momentum they have built in recent weeks.

28-24 Washington Football Team

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans

Well, this is probably the easiest one of the bunch because the Jaguars aren’t a competitive team and the Titans are trying to get to a Super Bowl. The Titans should easily win this game but I’d love to see them lose this game.

31-14 Titans

Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

Two teams that are trending in opposite directions at the moment should make interesting football. The Raiders just barely lost to the Washington Football team and the Chiefs won a decisive defensive game over the Broncos on Sunday Night. The Chiefs’ defense has been so solid lately that they should help stop the Raiders and the last time Mahomes played the Raiders he went off so I expect a tune-up game for the Chiefs.

42-21 Chiefs

New Orleans Saints vs New York Jets

This is easy, too easy. Saints have a really really good defense and Zach Wilson has a turnover problem. The only X-factor is the “quarterback” Taysom Hill, who is either pretty decent or downright awful and if he cannot turn the ball over he should be fine, but other than that, he’s screwed.

28-13 Saints

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers

I have zero ideas who is going to win this game, both teams are not good and this is why it will be a decent game. I’m thinking the Falcons will have a better game but that’s just a hunch because I don’t know which Cam Newton will play on Sunday.

28-24 Falcons

Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

Which one of these quarterbacks can make the big play to win against the other? I’m going with Lamar Jackson just because he is a weapon himself, no one can catch him in the open field and he has a cannon for an arm. The Browns have been extremely disappointing this year and they haven’t fixed enough problems to get back on the right track especially with Baker not being fully healthy.

35-20 Baltimore Ravens

New York Giants vs Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are really good, and the Giants aren’t.

35-10 Chargers

Detroit Lions vs Denver Broncos

Let’s get Vic Fangio fired! The Lions are coming off their first win this season and were able to play really well! They should be a tough out against the Broncos, who were not effective against the Chiefs’ defense so let’s get nuts!

24-21 Lions

San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Coin flip! Both of these teams are pretty good, not great. This is going to be a blow out or a close game but either way it might be extremely entertaining. I think the Niners will win but I want the Bengals to get blown out. 

35-23 49ers

Buffalo Bills vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After losing the game against the now AFC-leading Patriots, the Bills are heading into the lion’s den at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers’ defense is not as effective as it used to be with the loss of a bunch of secondary players, it might be a big game for Allen and Diggs. I think the Bucs pull out a win because they have the 2022 MVP in 44- year old Tom Brady.

38-27 Buccaneers

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers owns this team so I think the Packers dismantle the Bears as Matt Nagy is looking to sell his property in Illinois. The Packers stay as the number one seed in the NFC as they beat the Bears by a large margin.

38-14 Green Bay

Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals

The shootout in the Valley of the Sun is on the menu on Monday Night Football. The Cardinals finally got everyone back and healthy with Kyler Murray throwing for two and running for two touchdowns against the Bears. the Rams had a get-right game against the Jaguars and looked really really good winning 37-7. This should be a classic shootout with both teams still jockeying for positioning in the NFC West. I’m choosing the Rams because they have to win to keep their position against the red-hot Cardinals.

42-37 (Scoragami) Los Angeles