Thursday Tribute: Anthony Sherman

The “Sausage” will be remembered as a fan favorite as the position fades from professional relevance

In his five years for the Chiefs, fullback Anthony Sherman became a fan favorite for Chiefs Kingdom.

One way this was achieved for Sherman, nicknamed “Sausage,” was his training camp outfits. Which varied, from Vince Wilfork-inspired overalls to an American patriot.

In the 2010s, the fullback position has seen a diminished role in the NFL. Coaches scheme more pass-heavy, thus needing to build their team around the new age of football.

Teams aren’t running the ball as frequently as before. Which has caused some teams to not even hold a fullback on their active roster. But the Chiefs were able to find his talent and a way to utilize his skills after a couple of years elsewhere.

In spite of that, Sherman sealed a block to set up one of the most memorable runs in Chiefs history to win their first Super Bowl in 50 years.

Sherman was drafted in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals. Sherman spent his first two seasons there before being traded to Kansas City in exchange for cornerback Javier Arenas.

Once a Chief, Sherman contributed greatly in his first season. Sherman caught a career-high 18 passes for 155 receiving yards and a touchdown. The fullback also took a whopping 36% of the offensive snaps in 2013, according to Pro Football Reference.

Though he never saw more receptions, Sherman was still a valued piece of the offense. The “Sausage” went on to score one touchdown in all five seasons with the Chiefs.

Sherman was awarded his lone Pro Bowl nomination in 2018, after totaling 98 yards along with a touchdown.

The “Sausage” announced his retirement in March 2021 after the Super Bowl loss in Tampa Bay.