Should KC fear Denver after a strong performance last Sunday?

Denver had one of their best games of the season last Sunday, earning a 28-13 win against their division rival Los Angeles Chargers. The defense shut down a young, bright quarterback in Justin Herbert. It looks like Denver is ready to take on another challenge against another division rival, the Chiefs, today’s leader of the AFC West with a 7-4 record.

As the Kansas City Chiefs come out from their bye week, they’re going to find themselves needing to get ready again pretty quickly. The Denver Broncos are ready to fight, and they already made it very clear!

“We haven’t beat them in a while and the hatred runs deep,” said Chubb on Monday to reporters. “When we do get over that hump, everybody’s going to be rejoicing and moving onto the next one. That’s what I feel like we’ve gotta do. Knock this one out and, like I said, just keep moving forward.”

It’s the first of two scheduled meetings with the Denver Broncos in December for the Chiefs, which means it’s rivalry week.

The Broncos look better now than they have in a few years. With a 6-5 record, they still have a chance to win the AFC West, like their other three rivals. Everything is still very open. Kansas City currently holds the fourth seed in the playoff picture, but is just one game back of the Baltimore Ravens for the number one seed.

Now this game is very relevant, and it will in part decide on who will be the leader in the AFC West, so it’s really time for Denver to show an excellent performance on both offense and defense.

Should KC fear Denver after a strong performance last Sunday?

The Denver defense has been strong these past few games and stopped many good offenses like Los Angeles and Dallas. Their coverage in the secondary was impeccable on Sunday and some new pass rushers are emerging, almost all new and young players.

Rookie cornerback first-round pick Patrick Surtain II registered two interceptions, one that went for a pick-six against Herbert, but he has also been very successful as a tackler in run support. Let’s not forget about Dre’Mont Jones, Baron Browning, and Caden Sterns who are improving greatly game after game. However, the Denver veterans are still very effective, just like their safety Justin Simmons who is having explosive plays lately.

Pat Surtain II – who just earned Defensive Player of the Week – could be covering Hill and Kelce.

“He’s always in the right place, always right there,” former Broncos player Atwater said. “He’s got great eyes, looking at the right thing prior to the play starting, focusing on what he needs to be focused on, and then when the big time comes up, he’s making the big plays. He’s making those catches and he’s not dropping them. And man, he looked like a deer running down that sidelines. Wooh! It was a beautiful sight.”

The Denver offense has maybe one issue: the quarterback position. So, against Patrick Mahomes and Co, Denver will have to show a good offense to put as many points as possible on the board. Because, that’s for sure, one of the main ways that Denver could win this weekend is keeping pressure on Mahomes.

It’s no secret, turnovers are crucial to winning games! Teams who have turnovers win 69.6 percent of their games. And this year, Denver has 12 turnovers in 11 games, or 1.09 per contest. This will be a tough game for the Chiefs! Let’s hope they rested well and be fired up this Sunday.