Week 10 report: Ranking the QBs better than Patrick Mahomes

Zero. There are none. If you came here expecting to see any players listed, you are sadly mistaken.

What we saw in Las Vegas on Sunday night was the reemergence of one of the most lethal weapons ever to step foot on a football field. After a first half of the season that saw the 26-year-old demigod, along with pretty much the entire roster, often (and justifiably so) criticized for poor performance, the Chiefs announced their presence with authority by doing the most Chiefs thing possible: absolutely dismantling the Raiders.

Mahomes looked as comfortable as ever, and the entire offense was successful by taking what was given to them instead of trying to force plays that simply aren’t there. Since Mahomes is, after all, a sentient being sent from another planet, he did make some unbelievable throws, although the play of the night goes to Darrell Williams for going full Megatron on Jonathan Abram for a 38-yard score. Travis Kelce (8/119/0) and Tyreek Hill (7/83/2) each saw 10 targets, while Darrell Williams handled 20 touches for 144 total yards.

The truth of the matter is that this offense has the firepower to utterly break teams when they’re rolling. With the Kelce-Hill duo handling nearly all the receiving work, the maulers up front throwing bodies as they have been, and Patrick Lavon Mahomes behind the wheel, this Chiefs team is primed to make a run this season that could end up in their third (should be fourth) consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

Hosting the Cowboys in Week 11, the Chiefs hope to have Clyde Edwards-Helaire back for what very well could turn into a shootout. Get your popcorn ready.